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  1. So we have a houseboat trip set for late August out of Sioux Narrows this year. The last trip we did, which was my first, my father in law insisted we use crawlers which we bought up there instead of having minnows with. He mainly fishes smallmouth and we didn't do well on walleyes with the crawlers. Friends of ours told us that we should have been jigging minnows instead which is what we mainly do back in Wisconsin anyway. I have read about people using preserved or salted minnows and also live. Being we would be on a houseboat for a week, preserved may be easier than trying to keep them alive. What's your preference for walleyes on LOTW? Live or salted minnows or something completely different? Thanks in advance! -GVG
  2. Thanks for the reassurance. I was mainly concerned with the park to drive transition before pulling out after reloading the boat. Sounds like I should be fine. I will be camping with my wife and 7 month old this summer and we are really looking forward to it! -GVG
  3. Hi Guys, How many of you do fishing trips with a truck camper? I just picked one up this year and we are planning on lots of fishing further away from home since we can quick load up and go away for a few days. Do most of you use campgrounds or do you just find a Walmart or some type of parking lot to park in nearby the lake? We plan on using campgrounds for the most part. Also, how hard is it on your trucks to launch your boat with the extra weight of the camper on the truck? I plan on dropping it at a campground first but if we just slept at a rest area or walmart or something like that I wouldnt be able to drop it. -Garrett
  4. Pretty sure all premium fuel at Kwik Trips is no ethanol
  5. Hey guys, I bought an Eskimo Fatfish 767 2-3 man hub shack for this year, anyone have any suggestions on what sized heater should do well in it? I have a Regular sized buddy heater for my Clam Pro, will this be enough to heat that size hub house or am I going to have to go try and dig out the old Mr Heater cooker?
  6. I have been using a mono and now flouro leaders and small treble for probably the past 15 years now (WI) but I am curious about switching from trebles to circle hooks. Has anyone had much experience with them? I have fished lakes the past few years with growing pike populations and trebles stick in the roof of the mouth and leave the leader to be frayed during the fight and/or cut me completely off. Using flouro leaders is helping but I still need to be retie often to remove the frayed sections. My thinking is that with circle hooks would hook walleyes as well as pike on the lips of the fish more than "in" the mouth which would lead to less breakoffs/ re-ties due to abrasion from teeth. Am I thinking in the right direction or should I just stick with my current setups? Garrett
  7. Ill be hitting it sometime this week, looking to get a new humminbird 898c si. and to put money down on my canada trip to pine cliff lodge. Hopefully I dont overspend too badly this year!
  8. our 2001 lund fisherman has the fuel tank under that area, fyi if you havent looked under that panel yet.
  9. It is illegal to transport a refilled 1# tank, you can refill them and use them at home but as soon as its transported its illegal. These bottles have valves that are really only made to be used once, Yes its cheaper to refill but you have the risk of a leak that can cause serious injury if ignited. If you go through that many bottles, get a 5, 11, or 20 lb that are meant to be refilled over and over.
  10. If you buy a new Coleman 1# bottle for this season, they come with something they call a green key, or something like that. The key lets you vent out the last propane that is trapped in the bottle after it wont lite in your heater anymore. After that the label on the coleman bottles say you can just recycle them like any other steel container. Of course Coleman has made this to fit their own bottles only as far as i can tell, just an idea for future purchases.
  11. Gas cards and maybe something like burkley gulp fish frys and minnow heads and 1" minnows. That way you have bait for whenever you want to go fishing without running to the baitshop and you will have a tad more money for gas. Sounds like you have all of the other basics to get on the ice.
  12. I would go with the buddy heater, little chance of burning the canvas, good heat output, simple to operate, I bought mine at one of the big box stores this fall for 65 bucks and have seen a lot of them in black friday ads. oh yeah it has a low oxygen sensor which is a very nice safety feature.
  13. Picked up some of the small darters for perch and crappies and larger ones for walleyes this past weekend. Mainly in Perch and shiner patterns. I think these baits with the super loud rattles with be awesome. What colors do you think will be the ticket with these new baits? Similar to the hot chubby darter colors or do you see a pattern that looks even better.
  14. Then i retract my last statement!
  15. Looks like they have a 2, 2.5 and 3hp option. I would look into the weights and see if there is much of a difference in the 2.5 vs 3 as the 2 or 2.5 should be plenty of power and may be significantly lighter. just an idea as there are 3 options now instead of 2
  16. Clam came out this year with a new tool that goes in the end of a cordless drill for putting in the ice anchors. If you dont mind carrying a drill around this might be an easy way to put them in and out.
  17. Thanks guys, I picked up the boat on Saturday and put a new impeller in it and a new prop on it and its running like a top. Now it just needs a well deserved bath as it sat in the water a lot this summer. Not bad for 1000.00
  18. My uncle has a 87 16' alumacraft classic he is selling to me, should I don't know much about the reliability of the 35hp merc. Does anybody have the same motor and are there any typical issues with this motor in the 1987 age range? The boat itself is in average shape and the only thing I know that it needs is a new impeller as the tattle tale stream is getting weak. Garrett
  19. Update- I got the motor this weekend and set it on the back of my boat. the flywheel turns over and so I thought for giggles I would hook up the gas to it and try giving it a pull. Well found out the carb needs a rebuild (expected) when I pumped the bulb. I plan on getting a rebuild kit and fixing the carb soon. Another question I have is that the bolt heads on the head itself are rusty and corroded. I would like to replace them if possible. Do you think it would be okay to remove one at a time if possible and put in new bolts without breaking the seal on the head gasket. I dont have a compression tester right now but if the compression is good should I even bother with replacing them?
  20. This weekend my dad is bringing me up a 15hp johnson from down south for a gift, it used to be my grandpas but has not been used in about 3-4 years. The problem is the last time it was used was in saltwater and my grandpa was swamped in his small canoe like boat by a large boat's wave. I dont know if it was ever restarted or flushed. Where should start when I receive it, do I pour a little oil in the cylinder and slowly pull it over to make sure the cylinder is not dry, or should I just hook up a gas line and just pull it over? What is your first move when attacking a motor that has not been run in a few years?
  21. Just curious if anybody would be willing to measure the length of their big red, I was thinking of picking one up for ice fishing depending on if my trailer will fit that and the shack in it
  22. I second the how to read a map and start a gameplan. To me nothing is more intimidating/frustrating than hitting a new lake that you hear great things about but not really knowing how to set out a gameplan for fishing that lake I've never been to.
  23. Does anybody know where I can find a little more detailed picture of a fishtrap scout? The only once I can ever find is the one with genz "inside" which doesnt show anything. I never really paid attention to the one man shelters and I want to start researching what one man I want but nobody has them out yet and no pictures in sight. Thanks!
  24. I'm going to try to make it again this year, last year was a blast and I'm in need of a new portable anyway.
  25. I spent my budget and a bit more with a new Aqua-vu XL-50, Thorne Bros 24" Sweething, tica reel, 3&4lb P-line, New Marcum Rod bag, AquaVu Weed EZ, Amzoil Saber. Got to talk to Matt at thorne bros and also Pat. Great group of guys there that will keep getting my business.
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