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    More Morneau

    Wow...Dougie Baseball has really proven himself lately!! The scouts figured out how to pitch him 2 years ago and we are still giving him a shot. How pathetic is that!! Why not let the kid take a few licks and maybe hit a few dingers while he is at it.
  2. Just returned and the fishing was great! Fish were in 20 feet of water with the bigger fish coming out of Bolton Bay. Hook produced lots of fish but nothing over 20 inches. The water temps were between 56 and 60. Hope this helps. We put in at Pine Point!
  3. If we already own the 4 lakes besides Winnie do you have some sort of trade up policy so we don't have to spend $300 instead of $209.
  4. Vikes- Where did you get you Winnie 3 foot Contours Map? How Much was it? I have the other 4 in 1 foot and I it money well spent!
  5. Walleye Married Again! 3 week old little girl 3 doggies!
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