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  1. i see on the canvas craft web page that many of their models of shelters are marked as "not available". curious if they are basically exiting the business. anyone have any intel?
  2. Another vote for Leech Lake/Walker. Not sure of your budget but we have stayed a few time right in Walker at Chase on the Lake and loved it. Right in town w plenty of shops for the whole family plus the resort has a decent beach, little bowling alley, pool, Spa for the ladies and a marina to put the boat when you are not out running around catching walleyes on Leech. If you want more up north resort type, there are plenty of resorts near walker on Leech or other lakes so you can still take advantage of all that Walker has yet be out of the masses at the resort. Lots of options.
  3. +1 on the Bauer stick bag. Did same thing for my clam bigfoot xl4000.works great.
  4. I was at show today and canvas craft was not there. I wanted to take hard look at their houses so I was disappointed. Niles Master is not there either nor was artic armor.
  5. Any other ideas or designs for flooring in a large 8x8 hub? Planning to use mine on Mille Lacs, etc. as a base camp to fish from and sleep in at night but want to make it as cozy as possible and thinking a floor - wood or otherwise would be a good thing.
  6. I picked up one of the new Clam Bigfoot 4000 - 8x8 insulated pop up and plan to use it as a sleeper but am also interested in how people have designed and built floors. I'm thinking of a couple peices of ply, hignged with 2x2 stringers and 1inch pink foam insulation between the stringers. Will use carpet on the top side. Also thought about just getting a couple of the heavey rubber stall mats from fleet farm and just using those. Any thoughts one way or the other or other good idea on flooring system for an insulated pop up?
  7. I have been an avid camper for years and if you are talking car camping I really can't say enough good things about the Kodiak Canvas Bow Flex tents. I have the 10x14 and it is absolutely awesome. I am 6'6" and I can stand no problem. We use cots in the tent, use some 5x7 rugs down on the already heavy duty floor. I do use a footprint (smaller than tent) under as well more to protect the bottom that waterproof it, etc. The new tech canvas tent really breathes as well so no dampness in the morning, etc. Basically it is like a Canvas Cabin that sets up and tears down in minutes and is rock solid (as long as you cna stake it out good) in as much wind and rain you would want to camp in. A fan good luck
  8. I think I was posted earlier but only a government organization could get away with something like this...taking a revenue producing system offline for three months to cut over to a new system? Give me a break. I work in consulting and you could never ever get away with a plan like this in the real world. We'd be out of business if this is how we approached it. Laughable.
  9. I was surprised too hence my question....it is a brand new Mercury 8hp 4S ML and looking at the specs it says 6amp/76 watt alternator amp. Anybody else know any different on this model?
  10. I'm a bit of a newbie still on some stuff so looking for a little knowledge from the experienced folks. I am looking at putting an 8hp 4s Mercury on my boat for use as a kicker. It is a manual start but I believe it still has a 6amp/76 watt alternator amp on it. So even though it is a manual start do I/can I still wire it to my starting battery so that I can use that alternator to charge the starting battery should I ever need it? Appreciate any info. thanks
  11. I have a number of different tents currently and have had many over the years but all things considered my favorite tent is a large one I have right now. It certainly isn't for backpack or canoe camping and I only use it when I can drive right to wherever it is I am camping with all my stuff in my suburban and my boat. The tent 10x14 is a Kodiak Flex Bow tent. It is canvas but is uber waterproof and yet breaths well so there is no condensation/moisture in the tent at night or in the morning. I'm 6'6" and I can stand up in it easy. it has an awesome, think floor and good zippers, etc. We use a couple of cots and have tons of room for gear, etc. Add a little buddy heater when it gets chilly and it is tough to beat. (let's not start the heater in the tent thread again....that's one has been covered earlier:-)
  12. I had the opposite problem....I got my new stickers and when I tried to peel off my old one the top part came off and the rest of it stuck to the boat. I don't want to scrape the rest off for fear of damaging my paint. Anyone have any advice on best way to get the 'second layer" off of my boat w/damaging/scratching paint so I can put new ones on?
  13. I'm 6'6" and about 295 and wear a 3XL and it works great so I would think the 2XL would be right on for you.
  14. My motivation for building a decent floor system is because I have a 6x12 calm hub (thinking of getting the new 7x14)and I want to use it to do weekends on the ice. With the big hub houses you have enough room for a couple of cots to spend the night but I'd like to have a dry floor to make it a little more comfortable to stay on the ice in a big hub house. I'm thinking of making a floor that I can lay out in sections....like maybe 3 - 6'x4' sections for my 6'x12' hub house. I'm thinking I would basically use maybe 1/4 or 3/8 ply and then glue 1/2 or 1" pink sheet insulation - which will not adsorb water I believe - to the bottom of the ply - maybe even use ply on bottom and make a sandwich kind of panel - then cut some holes in the panels so we can drill holes in ice and call it good. In this scenario I would always be driving onto the ice with my truck so having to haul the panels is no big deal. Anyone done anything like this?
  15. +2...more specifically, I'm currently planning a floor for my 6x12 hub house and looking for some ideas on how to do that. Plan to use it as a sleeper so am thinking of even building an insulated floor system....maybe 1" sheets of the pink foam insulation sandwiched between some 1/4 ply or something?????
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