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  1. waterbound

    Valley Creek

    The season won't open again until mid-April 2011 I believe, but there are some streams in the Southeast that are open for catch and release in January. Valley Creek is an interesting place to fish, especially with landowners who may or may not have put trail cameras along the river. If you play it right that place is a dream come true with more than enough fish to catch and some size, too. The only problem is the stream is so small that you really can't share it with other anglers too easily, but if you fish it during the week you'll have it all to yourself.
  2. waterbound

    Bluegill Infestation

    I don't think the bluegills will present a major problem, but it can't be good for the lake. Brown trout would effectively control small fish, but splake would do so even better, and faster too. Don't give up on the lake, but contact the DNR about the bluegills. They may be natural of course, but the DNR doesn't generally stock trout in lakes with significant populations of other fish.
  3. waterbound

    Blue Heron Creek

    Looks like the kind of place a guy would go looking to catch a tiger!
  4. waterbound

    "clean" carp to eat

    The Vermillion has them I think, the Little Cannon might as well.
  5. waterbound

    Kenai Closed!!

    Wow, that's a bummer! I guess I'd rather they close it so it can be fished in the future though.
  6. waterbound


    I don't believe they died in the plane crash. I think it was Jack's dad that told him something like, "they all died, some before you, some long, long after you" and the scene was intercut with Jack looking up at the sky and seeing the Ajira jet fly away, suggesting Jack died then but the others lived for a while, it just isn't shown. I'm feeling kind of burned, like the whole thing was just a big shaggy dog story without any honest conclusion to it. The show drifted from one plot point to another without a whole lot of direction (getting off the island to pushing a button to time travel then killing the bad guy) and they finally tied it all together by just saying "everybody has to die sometime" and leaving the rest of the island's story untold (what did Hurley and Ben do) among other things. I regret watching it, but what can you do?
  7. waterbound

    Trout Photo Gallery

    With that color too it and it's general shape, not to mention the time of year and the background, I would find it very hard to believe that's from the North Shore (looper or something), but that would be massive for the SE. A great fish no matter where it came from, though!
  8. waterbound

    Trout Photo Gallery

    That's an impressive fish! Did it come out of a stream in the SE?
  9. waterbound

    help me out here..

    Come on, we don't need that kind of sarcasm. If somebody wants to fish for a fish in it's legal season it's their right.
  10. waterbound

    how to get those light jigs "out there"

    On the same line with the slip bobbers you should try setting them at the depth you'd like the jigs set to and retrieve it very slowly, slow enough that the bobber doesn't tip noticeably. This has been very effective for and helps get the jig out further.
  11. waterbound

    Righty or Lefty?

    If you've never tried it I would strongly suggest that you do. I always used spinning reels right and reeled left and did the opposite with baitcasters when I started with them. When I bought my second baitcaster I decided I would try reeling left because while I had gotten used to reeling on the right switching hands seemed like an unnecessary pain. Since I switched I haven't used my right handed reel, just because the lefty works so much better for me.
  12. waterbound


    I found a tick on me the other day...and I'd spent all day working on my car and the day before I was working inside.
  13. waterbound

    Wilson Ramos

    Butera wasn't terrible, he's at least good on the defense. It sure would be nice to see more of Ramos now, at least as long as Mauer's out.
  14. waterbound

    Righty or Lefty?

    I always reel with my left hand, baitcaster or spinning. My dad has always reeled with his left hand in the summer but in the winter he gets mad at me when I switch his ice reels from right to left handed...always thought that was weird.
  15. waterbound


    There are plenty of places to access the Kinni. The easiest way for anglers coming from the Cities would probably be the access right off Main Street in River Falls. Here's a link to a site with all the Kinni's accesses so you can explore: http://www.kinniriver.org/about-the-kinni/interactive-map/