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  1. bassmann77

    Lake Cenaiko Thread

    I limited out in 48 minutes with my 5. Biggest one was 15" smallest was 13". I dropped the camera down before we could fish and the trout were making swipes at it telling me they were aggressive. Put the Rattlin Flyer down and waxies and when they showed up on the Vex, they hit. The one thing different this year compared to last was the no show of bass. Last year I caught 5 bass for every 1 trout. It was fun, but cold and my propane kept gelling up killing my heat throughout the morning.
  2. bassmann77

    Lake Cenaiko Thread

    I drove by it on Wednesday and I didn't see any open water at all. I did see a few holes that were drilled by the shore directly across from the pier, but I didn't go down to see the depth. I am planning on heading there in the morning. It is always a good time and I haven't been out much because of the ice conditions.
  3. Posting pictures here is a pain, so I will explain what I did the best I can. I ran two EMT pipes across the front and back of my boat. Keep in mind the pipe that runs along the back to give it room to be able to steer the boat. I measured 4 pipes that attach to the front and back pipe (2 for each) for the height of the blind connected by a bolt and butterfly nut( more on that later). I measured them sitting because I wanted not to have to stand to shoot. Measured the distance between for the cross pipe and connected with the EMT 90 degree angle tension fitting. I also curved a piece of EMT around the gunnel of the boat and attached with EMT support brackets. I then cut 3 support bars with the clips that come from CLAM ice shack bars put on both ends to attach to the cross bar and gunnel bar. This supports the blind even when people lean on it (learned the hard way). The blind part that is in the back I put in one support bar because I want to be able to drop that down to out of the boat quickly if needed. Zip tied the grass to the bars and works great. 2 things-when trailering the boat to camp, I take off the blind and put in the boat. When driving the boat I loosen up the butterfly nut and drop the blind along the side and away I go. It is easier to throw decoys and navigate. When ready to hunt, simply lift up the blind and tighten the nut and put in support poles. I bought some holders to keep the poles attached to the seats of the boat to keep them out of the way. Let me know if you have any more questions. I am into the blind for about $25 including the self etching primer spray paint I used to paint the poles. ( but not including the grass!)
  4. bassmann77

    Lake Cenaiko Thread

    Was out driving around the lake today during lunch and the shorelines look pretty suspect. I saw open water near the north? shoreline by the parking spots. A lot of yellow snow/ice around most of the shorelines. Just be careful in the morning when going out in the dark. Office guy said the gates won't be locked so there won't be any lines waiting for the gates. Good luck everyone!!
  5. bassmann77

    What are your go to ice fishing lures?

    Lindy's Rattlin Flyer spoon in perch color.
  6. bassmann77

    New Northland Tackle black glow light

    What I found out with this glow is the Clam Drop Red Glow doesn't actually glow red! It is a green glow which is really disappointing. I tried the glow with my phone flash light as well as my Lindy taser and it is green glow. Oh well, but the way the glo buster charges up the other green glow and UV is really cool and worth the price.
  7. bassmann77

    Team 6 "Tumbling Toms"

    Sorry Guys. My turkey season was unexpectedly short. I hunted most of the day Friday with one hen responding to my call and that was it. I got called into work for 8 hours on Saturday and 15 hours on Sunday and another 10 hours yesterday. The Toms showed up on Saturday but my Dad couldn't get them to come in because I am usually the one that does the calling. Monday they were back again, but no one out there to harvest one. Sorry guys that I couldn't help the team out. Hopefully all my hours at work will keep you guys mosquito free for the first part of the summer. Good luck to the rest of the team that still has a season left.
  8. bassmann77

    Team 6 "Tumbling Toms"

    Let's hope!! The birds are in the area and I got permission to hunt tomorrow through Monday and the time off of work also!!
  9. bassmann77

    Team 6 "Tumbling Toms"

    I will be hunting season D is the East Metro of the Twin Cities. I like the team name that 123fish suggested.
  10. I picked up a dozen foam filled bluebills at the end of the season. Hoping they will hold up. They are in a slotted bag with two per slot, so maybe they will make it. I also am running the keel weights on all my decoys so that should help also.
  11. bassmann77

    Garage Ceiling Insulation

    Lund79- For what I gathered most people state that we should tear down all the sheet rock off the walls, insulate, and put new rock back up. It will be cheaper and be better insulated than renting the machine and punching holes in the sheet rock between all the wall studs. That is what I am going to plan to do this summer. As for the ceiling, I am waiting to hear back on what people recommend for vapor barrier for the ceiling.
  12. bassmann77

    Garage Ceiling Insulation

    Thanks guys. Do I have to worry about any vapor barrier?
  13. bassmann77

    Garage Ceiling Insulation

    So with this unbelievable cold winter, I am going to put heat in the garage for next winter. My issue/question is what are my options for putting in insulation in the ceiling of my garage that is already sheet rocked? Not sure why the builder did that along with rocking the entire garage without insulation, but that can be another topic. I would like to keep the sheet rock up if possible because it is a 10' ceiling and it would be nice not to have to tear it down. Thanks.
  14. bassmann77

    Windows - Condensation

    I was having this issue also. Great read guys. My air exchanger couldn't keep up with the condensation so I have been running the furnace fan on and off throughout last winter and that helped a lot. I noticed it on the electricity bill, but a few buck more a month is better than replacing the windows. Time to clean, sand, re-stain, and poly the sills.
  15. bassmann77

    Repainting duck boat

    I painted my bare aluminum boat this year. I sanded all the areas down and used the self etching primer in the spray can. I tried to spray gun paint with the HS Strut camo in the can from Fleet Farm. Biggest waste of money. It didn't adhere at all and was junk. I re-sanded the entire boat again and used the Rustoleum camo spray paint khaki or sand color for the entire boat. Took about 4-5 cans. Than put some design around the boat to create a shadow look. I also used the bedliner spray for the floor. It turned out great and is holding up pretty well. I figure that I will have to touch up areas every year, but overall for a backyard spray job it turned out well. Here is a picture of the finished product: