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  1. TravP

    EGO S2 Slider Landing Net

    I don't own a slider but have checked them out a few times. They feel "cheap" to me. Beckman is the only net worth that kind of coin IMO.
  2. TravP

    Kast Steelhead Gloves for Cold Weather

    I ordered a pair of the Kast Steelhead gloves and have used them on 3 outings now. Very warm and dry! You can cast with them on but it's still a bit awkward at first. Doable though. Measure your hands correctly according to their sizing chart! I normally wear a L or XL. I ordered a medium and they felt tight when I first got them but have stretched and now they fit great. I'm thinking about purchasing a second pair already, I like them that much.
  3. TravP

    F-150 New Tires

    I had the BFG's on my Tundra and they were great... Also had the sra's on my old silverado when I bought it and I thought those were terrible, I guess opinions very.
  4. TravP

    F-150 New Tires

    I have Michelin LTX A/T2's on my 2013 F150. Their quiet and roll forever. In the snow traction is ok, don't expect them to be a true all terrain tire because their not. If I was to do it again I'd buy BF Goodrich a/t's or Goodyear Duratrac's.
  5. TravP

    Tungsten panfish jigs.

    One thing to remmber, those "cheap" tungsten jigs have paint chipping issues and brittle hooks. I've run quit a few different brands and keep going back to fiskas. I am anxious to try out the new clam tungsten jigs though this year. They have a bunch of different shapes instead of just the typical mooska style.
  6. My 2004 had the same issues. I added some Bars Leak and fixed that issue. Never did find where my coolant was going.
  7. TravP

    overdrive help?

    DO NOT Flush the tranny if it wasn't done in regular intervals! That 4L60 is a known POS. Changing the fluid is fine but don't flush it.
  8. TravP

    overdrive help?

    How many miles are on the Chevy? If over 150,000 your on borrowed time with that tranny if hasn't been rebuilt yet. Tow haul mode changes shift points a bit allowing you to hold gears longer and also boosts tranny line pressure giving you firmer shifts. I wouldn't flinch a bit about towing 680 pounds in overdrive without the tow/haul mode on.
  9. TravP

    Which F150 engine?

    The ecoboost still has some turbo lag. I own one and have driven a few others. All three of them have it. I just had the new intercooler put into mine and no more misfiring so far, but I've only put a couple hundred on it since getting it back.
  10. TravP

    Tiller boats

    Look into Backtroller Boats. I'b bet Jon(the owner) could come set you up right.
  11. TravP

    Letting your kid take your boat?

    That all depends on what you taught your kids... I've ALWAYS filled my dads boat when I borrowed it. I also plugged the batteries in etc. I say go for it.
  12. TravP

    buying F 150

    I traded my 2012 Tundra(with the 5.7) For a 2013 F150 with ecoboost. The ecoboost tows a bit better IMO. It also has more torgue down low where it counts. Gas mileage is much better too.
  13. TravP

    Choosing a Pick-Up

    How do you get better mileage with 373 gears vs 355's?
  14. TravP

    Choosing a Pick-Up

    The eco is not be worked hard, actually hardly working at all. The truck tows better then any half ton I've owned, including the Tundra. The thing hardly downshifts on hills. Like I said, the torque peaks at a low rpm, very similar to a diesel. Go drive one and see what you think.