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  1. B K'S DAD

    Refrigerator in Garage

    Same here never had any trouble.
  2. B K'S DAD

    advice on clackin raps

    I've caught a lot of bass and northerns and a couple of muskies on the gold and the fire tiger colors.
  3. B K'S DAD

    spinnerbait color?

    white works every where
  4. B K'S DAD

    Tree Trunk

    Thanks ill give it a try.
  5. B K'S DAD

    Tree Trunk

    It's right next to my drive and I don't want to replace it right now.
  6. B K'S DAD

    1998 dodge ram computer??

    The places that I take my cars and truck don't reset the station.
  7. B K'S DAD

    Tree Trunk

    Is there anything on the market that will help rot tree trunks faster?