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  1. eyeguy541432404961

    A couple from the deck

    Lots of Red polls here also.
  2. eyeguy541432404961

    House Finch

    I was home for lunch and this guy was at the feeder.
  3. Dandy! I like how crisp it feels.
  4. eyeguy541432404961

    Snow Across the Kawishiwi

    That's a neat shot!
  5. eyeguy541432404961

    A few from yesterday...

    Nice shots again.
  6. eyeguy541432404961

    Lake Superior Ice

    I like the 5th one. looks like old time frozen in place.
  7. Now that looks tastey!!
  8. eyeguy541432404961

    A coupla fun shots.

    Nice shots!
  9. eyeguy541432404961

    It's the hat!

    Very nice!
  10. eyeguy541432404961

    Metrodome Pano

    Cool shot!!
  11. eyeguy541432404961

    Looking for a camera...

    Check out the canon powershots. there are a couple for under 150 that work great.
  12. eyeguy541432404961

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Nice pics!
  13. eyeguy541432404961

    Feelin' Blue

    I like this shot. Kind of a neat view through the clear spot on the ice.
  14. Yes indeed, nice shots all.
  15. eyeguy541432404961

    Hot Chick.....

    Nice shot. They sure are quick aren't they.