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  1. cm1977

    Dandelion Question

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!
  2. cm1977

    Dandelion Question

    Do you have a recommendation on what brand to spray? Thanks!
  3. Down Deep is right on. My brother did it as well. After he was rehabed, he got a letter that he lamenated and shows at the border crossing. It really throws them for a loop when you show this. We went thru last week and he was trying to process this and basically just said you guys are good. It is a really big PIA but it can be done.
  4. 2 trips with Rusty Myers in late May and then again in late June. Hope the ice is off the lakes for the first trip. Been doing the first trip for the last 10 years with a few different outfitters mixxed in and the 2nd trip has been all Rusty Myers for as long as I can remember.
  5. cm1977

    Outpost Camp

    Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate it. I will be in contact with a few of you shortly. Thanks, Chad
  6. I had the same situation as you a few years back and these guys are right on, rent a tractor/tiller combo or find a buddy that has one. We had a plotmaster out there for an entire day and it did not do well the first time. Called a buddy with a tractor and rented a tiller for it and it made it look easy. Now we rent the plotmaster from a local hardware store and it works fine but breaking it up initially was key.
  7. Hi guys, Hoping someone can help me out. I have a group of 8 guys that is looking for a place to go fishing this year. A little of our criteria: - Late May - We would like to be within 2 hours of the border at either Baudette, Rainy River or Pigeon River. - No flying. Last year we went with an outfitter that boated us in, it worked out great but he is booked for when we would like to go. - Boats provided. - Secluded, meaning we don't want the "american plan" where they cook our meals and such. We like to be on our own. Any help you guys could give me would be great. The guy that was planning our trip screwed up and did not reserve our spot and now we are scrambling. Thanks, Chad
  8. There are 2 different issues that guys are talking about so far. Water damage from backup and water damage from pipes or appliances. There is coverage available for both scenarios on a standard homeowners policy. The water damage from pipes or appliances is built in and most (check your policy) policies will pay for the resulting damage but not the cause of the damage. So if you have a leak from your washing machine, they are going to pay for damage it caused but not the issue with the washing machine. As for the backup, you can get this added on and it is going to cost you a little but is well worth it when you have a foot of standing water in your basement. But as mentioned, if it seeped in thru the walls your policy will most likely not respond.
  9. cm1977

    05 Jeep Cherokee Question

    I have/had the same issues with my Jeep. The resistor (pretty sure this is what i changed) was pretty easy to fix and is located behind the glove box, it was a $15 part from the dealer. I called and told them the issue and they said I needed a certain part, looked online at a few different jeep sites and they had detailed instructions on changing it. The HVAC lights are a common issue with the Jeeps and you have to replace the lights on the board if you can are able or get a new board and install it or get it installed. I decided I did not care enough to get them fixed at the dealership as I have just enough knowledge to put gas into it. They are not related but both really common. If you work on your vehicle you can do both of these really easy, search sites that are for Jeep owners and you will find the answers. Hope this helps.
  10. cm1977

    Headlamps - Good? Bad? Ugly?

    I also use the Black Diamond Icon. I have used it for a few years and got my brother and Dad one last year. Walking back from our stands one night they could not believe the difference from their Petzels to my Black Diamond. For the amount of time it is on my head the extra money is well worth it.
  11. cm1977

    Boat Speed?

    14 foot lund with a 9.9 yamaha we could not get better than 12mph...the outfitter had put on a special "prop guard" that slowed us a little but I don't think we were going to gain more than 1 or 2 mph with it off.
  12. cm1977

    Boat cover advice?

    I agree with SandyBay, go with a custom snap.
  13. cm1977

    boat mishap/problem stories!

    Had a few myself and it's refreshing to see that others have done it! First: 16 years old, brand new speed boat with too much power (thankfully) and a few friends. Put it in on Lake Superior for a day of tubing on the big lake...get out past the light house and slow down to look around, could not get back up to plain when I gradually get back going...went thru the list of what may be wrong and when I checked the engine it was a touch wet in there, forgot to put the plug in. Turned on the pump and gave it all I could, took 2 miles to get the water out and by the time I got back to the dock we could still not find the plug. I jumped out while my friends went back out to empty it again from slowing down. I backed up the trailer, they drove it on and secured it quickly. Pulled it up the ramp and heard the tell tale sound of my buddy being a novice around boats, he did not put the motor up. Expensive lesson for me, but I always check these things now. 2nd - Different boat, a few years older. Out on the Chippewa Flowage with some buddies while the ladies slept to try and catch breakfast before we pack up and head for home from a great vacation with friends. Going wide open thru a channel that I had been thru 10 times over the last few days I hit a deadhead...but not with the hull, motor only. No one was thrown out of the boat thankfully but we had to use the trolling motor to get back. 7 hours later, 3 hours late for checkout and a bunch of angry wives...should have sunk the boat, maybe then they would have talked to us that day.
  14. cm1977

    Food Plot Rigs

    We went with Winter Wheat to keep them around, seemed to work well. Would you recommend the rye? We are going to shift it around a bit this year as well...
  15. cm1977

    Food Plot Rigs

    I have 3 different acre plots that I use a 4 wheeler and plotmaster. Had to have a buddy that has a tractor come out the first year and prep the site but ever since our setup has done well. We also have a sprayer for the 4 wheeler as we also seed our trails and spraying all the trails by hand would be a bit time consuming.