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  1. That's what I thought too. Bringing those with but hopefully someone will know for sure. Thanks!
  2. Anyone know what bulb I need to replace a tail light on an ice castle? I have one out and it is stored up north. Forgot to check last time up and I want to bring a replacement with me when I go up tomorrow. Thanks!
  3. Yes, comes in the same spot as the dish cable. Just put a faceplate with 2 connectors on it and you will be good. I have had them both up at the same time. Also if it is to high you could just turn your house a little and then the dish will point away from the antenna when adjusted.
  4. Here is a pic of my 2010 Millelacs. You can see the antenna mounted on the side. Everything works just fine for reception.
  5. My wife got it off the aqua Vu web site. Looked at ones at cabelas and packaging and everything looked the same except they had the 3 way switch and the remote looked different. An idea?
  6. Got a mopod 3 for Christmas. It only has an on and off switch not the 3 way switch as pictured for constant on. Also the remote looks different than the pictures on the packaging. Works fine with remote but doesn't have constant on setting Anyone know what I got and why it only has a switch that goes on or off? Is there a different way to turn on constant on?
  7. Good point. I guess what I should of asked is can I take this on the interstate at 70 or stay to highways?
  8. Just pulled the trigger on a 8x16 Mille Lacs model. This is my 1st wheel house and I have 2 questions for ice castle owners. 1. Towing speed says 55mph max. What do you guys do? I know I have seen them flying down the highway at much higher speeds than 55 but want to see recommendations. 2. Should I look for inside storage during the summer months or is outside storage fine? I plan to keep for awhile. Thanks! Still having fun with the boat and not ready for ice yet but looking forward to the season!
  9. Any hauling with that 2005 like a 4 wheeler?
  10. I was looking at used Ice Castles and got a few recommendations to stay away from the older models because of the frames. They say that 2009 and new models have the tubular frames and are much more dependable. What does everyone think about this? Would an older frame do fine or was it really a big upgrade to the tubular frames? Any recommendations?
  11. I had a card from a guy that did reapir in Hastings but I lost it. Can someone help me with who it is an contact info?
  12. Thanks all. It just didn't seem right so I took the battery in and it was bad. Got a new battery and it cranked over so fast! I don't think it has been right since I bought it. Bring on the cold!
  13. When I go to start my atv, it makes a clicking noise inbetween trying to start and it doesn't turn over very well. After it is warm it will start without the clicking noise. Is it time for a new battery? I put the charger on it but it still clicks. The dealer told me I should buy a new battery after 1 year because the factory battery isn't very high quality. Anyone seen this?
  14. This is what the dealer recommended. summer 20W-50 winter 0W-40 Is 0W-40 going to be my best bet for winter ice fishing? This year I had the factory oil in it since it was new in Jan and it really didn't crank over well in the cold.
  15. I'd like to hear of any trails as well around the metro. Thanks.
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