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  1. Hey you want more than a cooked fish fillet try unwrapping some of this fish paper. …it is from a variety of sources. Fish, and not one type, just fish, was sacred to the Greco-Roman mythology, check this in the myth of Aphrodite and Heros- when they turned themselves into fish- in order to escape from the ferocious Typhon. In Christianity, the fish, again no specific specie- is a symbol of abundance and faith. Pagan traditions recognized the fish, again any fish- as a feminine symbol of fertility and an attribute of the Goddess. This is the one, I wonder, if where we get mermaids from? An ancient Celtic fish (salmon, specifically) this is the first mention I find of one specie,) dealt with knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and prophecy. Umm, fish as brain food perhaps, I love the Irish. In ancient Eastern Indian mythology, the fish (any fish) is a symbol of transformation and creation. This is one long fish tale and it’s quite a read…..you gotta get in king Manu’s boat. Ancient African myths tell of Mangala, a creator, planting seeds in the universe’s womb. From these seeds two fish erupted. (This probably spawned the first fishing contest I’d imagine or where we get modern multi specie anglers. In China, the fish most often a (koi) I think I spelled that correctly, Is symbolic of fidelity, and the attitude of being one or combining into one. Im pretty sure it melts down in Buddhist terms that the fish represents happiness and freedom. If your still fish reading this far, I will end with the Norse. Again just fish-, meant determination, and the flow of life. Had to do with fish coming back to spawn always up river, and against the current. Fishingly yours The trout whisperer
  2. anybody know where i can purchase the mesh, two cone- snap together style minnow traps....
  3. there are several heavy canvas shops in the duluth superior area......i had my otter done a year ago......new zipper...four squirrel chew holes and a new plastic front window.,.took her three days....well worth it.....like factory new again.....
  4. i put it on a radio show yesterday........trying to contact the leauge of minnesota cities..thanks
  5. we have the state high school hockey tournaments, city leauge baseball...curling bonspiels.... how about somebody get duluth to take on st cloud in a fishing tourney...rochester goes against grand rapids...ely -vs- albert lea...your city competes...traveling teams... a city by city...statewide fishing tourney...get the chambers of commerce involved...sponsors could be local bait shops...citys select there teams......have a league up and running by 2010 ........get the leauge of minnesota city involved... make it a 12 month event......
  6. i changed from the canoe..........to kayaks.......nine foot fours.......they weigh 36 lbs for portaging into remote lakes.....i tried putting my 17 ft canoe...at a 20 degree angle to the bow on my 1965 tsv alumacraft...everything was fine until i ran into choppy water in jackfish bay...i had to sit on shore until the wind died down at night... now with these ninefours....they fit inside the hull of my boat....paddles reduce to 3 pieces... good luck...
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