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  1. Until my lab had this happen I had never heard of it before. I was told by the U of M that labs have a higher chance this happening because of the way their legs/knees/bones are aligned. that is why when the TPLO surgery is done they shave off part of the bone and realign things with the plate. I do think a dog that is overweight has better chance of it happening though. What ever the cause, it sucks to go thru with your dog.
  2. I second the recommendation doing alot of swimming after the surgery...of course only when the vet says it is time. There is a lot less stress, helps with strengthening and plus it is fun for you and your dog. Also, Glucosimine pills everyday can help your dog's joints (knees or hips) and potentially lessen the arthritis and arthritis pain that may come down the road the dog gets older. I started to give it to mine after she had the first surgery and can tell the difference...she thinks the pill is treat!
  3. My 80lb chocolate lab has had the surgery on both back legs. once at 2 years old and the other at 3 years old. she is now 6 years is doing fine. I had the metal plate and screws put in on both the legs at the U of M. I was told it should lessen arthritis and have better support in the long run. With her being young I thought the metal plate was the best route and I am glad I did. The recovery process is long and involved lots of carrying down steps to get outside but it is well worth it. She may not jump up in the car like she used to. After a long day of hunting she is sore and takes longer to stand up, but she is ready to go the next day with the tail wagging. I give her glucosimine to help with her joints
  4. In Christmas of 2006, my chocolate lab wondered over to the neighbors and decided that it would be a good idea to eat the left overs a 12lb turkey that was sitting outside cooling off. thankfully the neighbors had eaten already and it was de-boned. I assume she ate 9 or 10 lbs of turkey. Needless to say she looked like a whale and was sick for around 10 days.... she has eaten a loaf of bread, 10lb bag of dog food and she loves to get me up at 6:00 in the morning 7 days a week to get her morning meal and then goes back to sleep.
  5. I live in Roseville, I could pretty much go any direction. I would be game for either public or private depending on the cost.... I would like to keep it around a grand...I noticed some private ones cost a pretty penny to join, especially if there is a onetime fee. What are the benefits of joining a private one? Do you get better bird deals? use of the land to train during the summer? It seems as if a person could go to public one quite a few times before the total costs would be more that if you joined as a member. I was looking at Wings North in Pine City and since it looked like you could pay $10 for the day, plus the birds.....Plus the $400 membership + birds seemed reasonible compared to someothers that I saw, If I wanted to go the membership route..... Thanks for the info. I was out to one this weekend by Milwaukee WI, and got the itch to be able to hunting longer. The one out there was around $800 with 25 pheasants included in the membership and you could use the grounds in summer for training.
  6. I think I am going to start looking for a hunting preserve to join around the cities area so I can pheasant hunt during this time of the year and use it to train during the spring adn summer......does anyone have recommendations on places to look at?
  7. On Christmas day my dog snuck over to the neighbors and at about 10 lbs of cooked turkey that was boned and sitting outside cooling off. I wasn't around so my brother made her puke alot of it up.... Now she still isn't feeling so hot....she definetly has a case of the squirts! she seems a little lethagic, but she was running around with some other dogs. Anybody have an ideas on what to do? I have limited her food and been making sure she drinks a lot of water. I haven't seen any blood coming out of either end, so I think that is a good sign. I am going to call the vet today to see what they say. I don't think she ate any bones since the turkey was boned...although she did start to carry the carcus back from the neighbors. Thanks for any suggestions
  8. OK let me know what happens -- I will take it and I will mail you a check for it and just pick it up in a couple of weeks.
  9. if it is available and if you can you hold onto it for a couple of weeks I will speak for it.... I live in the cities and will be thru the area on the evening of Feb 3rd and could pick it up then. I got your number and will give you a call in the next couple of days
  10. I haven't put up hen houses before and I have been doing some research about them. I plan on making and putting up a few over Easter weekend. I have read that flax straw should be used and if that is not available then wild marsh grass would work. What is flax straw and where can you get it? I plan on using marsh grass for the houses, but if flax straw is available I might put it in one of the houses to see if it makes a difference or not. Thanks
  11. I am looking to go to a game farm to hunt some pheasants in March near Milwaukee as part of a bachelor party. Does anyone know of or can recommend a public game farm in that area? Thanks
  12. Does anyone know if you are able to put a snowblower attachment on the front of an ATV? If there is, for what brand of ATV and how do they work? My dad will be retiring to a lake in the next year and is planning on getting an ATV. He would like to get a snowblower for the large drifts that form on their long driveway. Thanks
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