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  1. A few things... I own the Base Camp as well. I'm not a big strong guy and I have a hard time pulling out the hubs at times. Sometimes it depends on which one you start with after you get the roof popped. I like the Eskimo anchors and have replaced all my Clam ones with them. They are much easier to work with. I use three small bungies to wrap up the house once I've taken it down. they seem to help it fit in the bag with room to spare. I space the bungies out about 16 inches apart. Hope this helps.
  2. Wow, that's pretty cool! Thank you, so much!
  3. There is an app for android phones. They were showing it on In-Depth Outdoors.
  4. Just looking for some ideas on securing tip-up rigs and getting them ready for the next outing. I haven't developed a very good system yet and was hoping to see what other guys do. I use the long black Polar Ice ones that are about 16 inches long. Pics would be helpful too!
  5. I'm heading up to Rowan Lake in Ontario in a couple of weeks and I need a good solid jigging pole for lakers. Any recommendations?
  6. I put a 5 inch rip in my Ice Armor (Blue Suit) bibs yesterday. Is there a good product out there that will seal it up tight. I don't think a needle and thread is the way to go with this material.
  7. Clam makes a nice folding chair that has a compartment under the seat for bait, lunch, etc. About $20. I find it very comfortable.
  8. For those of you that have seen the new Clam pop ups that look like cub scout tents, what are your impressions? What do you think of the prices?
  9. Juice88


    Is there a spearing forum? I looked but couldn't find one. I'm wondering which lakes are legal spearing lakes and which ones are not. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Juice88

    Break offs!

    Fished crappies yesterday and had 2 pike break my line. I was using some monofilament ice line. Which line is good for panfish but could also handle the occasional pike without too many break offs?
  11. I just took my son and his buddy out yesterday in my 6x6 Clam. Worked out great for the three of us.
  12. Is there a forum on this site for recipes? I'm looking for a good alternative to Shore Lunch or Cajun Shore Lunch for crappies and sunnies...
  13. I own the Yukon TC and my regular Buddy Heater warms it up just fine. Also the Strikemaster 8 in. I have fits nicely next to the seats. I pack everything else in around it; rod bag and Marcum I put underneath the seats.
  14. I like clam because they are local. I've never had a bad experience when dealing with customer service.
  15. Depending on the color, Thorne Bros in Blaine has some repair kits (patch material and special glue). I fixed up my old purple Otter Den. I'm not sure if they carry the Eskimo green or red though.
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