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  1. Brade4

    New Pup!

    Got this little guy in May, he's almost 7 months now and weighs 70 pounds. Live on a 6 acre farm and I keep him kenneled up when I'm not home, but let him run like crazy when I'm around. What's the best method as far as teaching him to stay put if I leave him out when I'm at work? Underground fence? Suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. As I posted earlier, I am going to be buying a pup early summer and have a few questions. How do you go about a pup when arriving to the farm? Should I have a fenced in kennel that is able to go indoors if needed? As time goes on, how do you teach the dog to stay in the yard without shock collars? I know it is a lot of work, but I am ready for it. Anything else you think I should know, post away!
  3. Looking to buy a yellow lab pup sometime this summer. Anyone know of anyone selling? Might do a little hunting, but mainly a farm dog.
  4. Got one the other day, was on sale. Anyone have one, you like it?
  5. Yeah that makes sense, but doesn't the windshield have to come out to take the moldings off?
  6. Thanks a ton Jeremy! I have a bugshield as well so that could be adding to it. Will try to make a fix!
  7. Yeah, it is annoying as all heck. Like I mean, you get going 75 mph and it is VERY noticeable
  8. Thre is something wrong with my windshield on my 09 GMC Sierra. Anytime is is windy or I'm on the highway doing 60 or faster it appeaers to be a cracking or a popping sound. Anyone heard of this? Any info will be appreciated, thanks!
  9. Right now I'm leaning towards a yellow. Just always wanted one and love the way they look. When it comes down to male or female is it just personal preference or different behaviors? What should I look at here?
  10. It's a hell of a lot more respectable than 27-71 from 3 point land and finishing with 138 points on 108 shots. Do the math.
  11. Thanks aanderud. Just because it woudn't be a hunting dog doesn't mean it is going to sit in a cage 24/7 and not do anything does it? I guess I'm not sure where you get that labs are strictly "hunting dogs." Like I said, I know a hanful of people who have labs. Couple of them hunt, and the others don't. All of them are great dogs. Thanks for the advice so far
  12. Lol well I probably couldn't hear it from a better source than an officer himself. Thanks for the advice!
  13. Was having a conversation about radar/laser detectors in North Dakota and Minnesota the other day. Out of curiousity, are they legal or illegal in each of these two states?
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