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  1. USRanger

    MN opener results

    Great pic and story polarsus. Your kids first fish, no matter what kind is always special. That is what fishing is all about; spending time with friends and family and creating memories. Got a call the other day that the first largemouth my daughter ever caught is done at the taxidermist.
  2. USRanger

    Post Spawn Patterns

    74 - My guess would be that the big females were done spawning and recuperating on your lake. Females lay eggs and head to the first drop off out from spawning flats to rest. In a week they will be hungry and your deep cranks and spinnerbaits should be prime baits to use for these post spawn fish.
  3. USRanger

    It's been a while!

    Like all the shots, Mike. #3 especially.
  4. USRanger

    Enjoyable Outdoor Weekend

    Love that last one, Dbl.
  5. USRanger

    Low Tide...

    Stu, those are all spectacular! I love the 3rd to last! Great job!
  6. USRanger

    My Jamaican friends

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  7. USRanger

    Archery Buck

    Nice deer, congrats!
  8. Very nice collection of pics. I like the buffalo the best.
  9. USRanger

    Foggy Morning

    Thanks everyone.
  10. USRanger

    Foggy Morning

    Thanks for the comments everyone.
  11. USRanger

    Ring-billed gulls (4pics.)

    Like that last one, sharp.
  12. USRanger


    I like that last one, Ken.
  13. USRanger

    Dog Training

    Recently I did a photo shoot with a professional dog trainer for his HSOforum. Here are a few of the pics. Hope you enjoy. The last dog was sold the next day to a government agency for a ridiculous amount of money. The dog is being trained to sniff out IED's.
  14. USRanger

    Finishing the day at Vermilion Falls

    I like that last one, Steve. Great mix of texture and I love all the colors of the foreground, foliage, water and background.