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  1. dibbles

    Best boots to keep feet warm

    I know there have been posts about what is the best boot to keep your feet warm. I did a search and could not find any info.
  2. dibbles

    Super lines for ice fishing

    I like using fireline and have set up some tip ups with the new power pro ice. I have a problems with finding a good scissors to cut the small diameter line. Any suggestions on what to use.
  3. dibbles

    Zebra Mussels

    I'm looking for help in removing and keeping off Zebra Mussels. I keep my boat on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. The boat slip i have does not afford my to get the lower unit out of the water. any help is appreciated.
  4. dibbles

    Bio Bait Report

    I have the bio bait. now I need to know what is the best way to use it. Do you still use a minnow whole or half? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. dibbles

    Otter Lodge vs. Otter Cabin

    I was checking out for a new shelter. You mention the weight. you have to remember that the voyager has seats attached at that weight and the otter has no seats at that weight. a litle more confusion on which to buy
  6. dibbles

    ice shelter

    I called the clam corporation. the winne is sold just to fleet farm. It is the same as the fish trap voyager but with a black cover and a smaller front opening. Now on sale at fleet farm for $299.00 without seats.
  7. dibbles

    ice shelter

  8. dibbles

    ice shelter

  9. dibbles

    ice shelter

    Looking for information about the winne ice shelter made by clam. Fleet farm in my area has $100.00 off this week.$299 vs $399. I was looking at the fish trap voyager or the otter magnum lodge. now with this price what is best.
  10. dibbles

    cold feet

    Need help. No matter what i do I get cold feet. I've tried different combination of sock no help. Has anyone tried the battery operated socks?
  11. dibbles

    St Paul Ice Expo

    Thinking of going to the Ice fishing expo in Dec. Can a person buy equipment there or just view the items. Very interested in purchasing a rock n reel.