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  1. Sorry Bud. I was once a high schooler! and not a moron......I think
  2. Your probably right! But i have no time for high schoolers trying to get a rise out of some good ol boys.
  3. Heres what you do Iowa guys. ANy post they put up, don't respond too. No matter how obscene and Illiterate they are. .....For the rest of you Iowa boys have a good safe spring ------------------ "keep your line wet and your gun on the shoulder"
  4. Perch Pounder- you got the right idea! and oh yeah trackstar the sports illustrated websight is some where else, and you would gety a lot more done if you worked with others and quit bad-mouthing them.
  5. Attention Track Star...... First off do you know how to spell and who taught you talk the way you type. Second I'm from northern Minnesota..and if you started running your mouth like that, you wouldn't get far in this state. Third I challenge you to ice fish sometime and try your expertise fishing skills....its a whole other ball game when your ice fishing....you are the kind of person that gives united sportsman a bad name by bad mouthing a way a person chooses to fish.. And to all you ice fisherman remember....."Its twice as nice on the Ice" ------------------ "keep your line wet and your gun on the shoulder"
  6. BPS ------------------ "keep your line wet and your gun on the shoulder"
  7. Yellow bass are bighting fierce...as always try by the island but watch were you drive
  8. Thanks pro-trapper I will look him up for sure...
  9. I live up in Ely going to school.. I was wondering if there was anybody in that area that would be willing to let a poor college student ...follow along on a few traplines...i have a huge interest in trapping..i know the basics but would like to learn more..any help would be great...Thanks guys ------------------ "keep your line wet and your gun on the shoulder"
  10. Rats are going for 3.50 tops prime but average aroung 2.50-2.75 ------------------ "keep your line wet and your gun on the shoulder"
  11. You can get a block heater for about 20 bucks and install it yourself...not to diffucult..its worth the hassle.
  12. Take the brookie and stuff cavity with butter and onions with a little fresh parsley...cover in tin foil and bake till done...its excellent ------------------ "keep your line wet and your gun on the shoulder"
  13. Fishing report for the day. We went out from 3-6. Action was steady from 4-5 and the total was 15 yellow bass...and what do ya know a keeper walleye...the weather change slowed things down a bit...the hot lure was a blue and silver swedish pimple tipped with cut bait or a minnow head.
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