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  1. If it is a 2016 model would it still be under warranty? Just wondering. It is possible that a screw damaged some wiring for the lights and you have a direct short to ground that is blowing the fuse when you turn the lights on.
  2. I have this same unit and use it for ice fishing and I have a suction cup mount for the transducer for Canada trips in rental boats. It works pretty well for a old model flasher. If you have a buddy in the fish house with a Vexilar, you might as well turn it off because all you get is interference from the other flasher. Same goes for in the boat if your friend pulls up next to you with their graph on. Mike
  3. What city in Mexico is this? It looks very nice!
  4. Let us know how things turn out.
  5. I had the very same problem with a Kitchenaid side by side. The entire evaporator in the freezer compartment was full of ice. This was making the unit run all the time to try to cool. First unplug the unit. Remove all the products from the freezer. If you remove the panel in front of the evaporator in the freezer and it is solid ice you will have to defrost. I left the door open and ran a floor fan nearby to blow warm air into the freezer.Now you should see the evaporator, heater element and a sensor on the evaporator. If you unplug the heater and using a ohm meter, ohm out the heater element. If it has continunity, it is good. I think mine had 4.0 or 8.0 ohms of resistance. The problem with mine was the sensor on the evaporator was bad. The new part is updated so I suppose they had problems with it. Good luck!!!
  6. If the symbol in the lower left is a water heater, will there be a water softener before the water heater? If there is and you plumb it like your photo, you will have soft water to your outside facuets. Unless that is what you wanted to do.
  7. I only had 1 key for a Ford Taurus and went to the big Ford dealership in White Bear Lake to have a new key made and programed. If I remember right it was between $60.00 and $75.00. That included the key blank.
  8. mikemac


    I have had very good luck with the Nash Choker Loop Trap. You do have to inspect your lawn every day to find the most active tunnels. I have even got a 2nd mole in the same run that I nailed one 2 days before. They say that moles have a keen sense of smell so i wear latex gloves when I set the trap to avoid any human odors. If you get one of these traps there are good instructions inside. The only place I found them are at my local feed mill. You won't find them at the big box stores. These traps will not get the deep moles but they will come to the surface and make runs to eat. I think that the deep holes are their nests. You just have to stay after it. I would not waste any money on mole repellents or mole killers or poison peanuts or anything else like that. You have to be licensed to get anything liquid that will do any good. PS I got one with the pitchfork too. Sweet revenge!
  9. If the tunnels are on the surface of your lawn and are easy to see where they are, I have had very good luck with the Choker Loop trap. They are available at Feed Stores around your area. They do sit on top of the ground, so if you have kids or animals you might want to try something else.
  10. +1 6lb XL green on walleye rods 4lb XL green on ultra light rods
  11. mikemac

    non oxy gas

    Most BP stations carry it. I Paid $4.09 per gallon the other day. I use it in the boats and all other gas powered equipment that I have.
  12. It sounds like Vole damage to me. Voles do not affect the root system, just the top layer of old grass. I would just wait until the temps get warmer to really look at the damage, because right now the loose grass on top of the damage is insulating the new grass growth under the damage. With the sun and warm temps the new grass is already or will be emerging and if you disrupt the loose grass, a frost might damage the new growth under the loose grass. This year a area in my yard got damaged and the little buggers made a nest in my fire pit with the old grass.
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