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  1. King - looks like I won't be able to make it down this week. Maybe next week, the ice should hold baring some calamity. Heard there was a bit of excitement on Oneida this morning. A friend of mine had to wade through waist high water to get back to shore - not fun. Franky, how you doing? Missed the outing with you guys a while ago.
  2. Beautiful fish King. Glad to see that big breeder returned. Not sure if that gashole was the same one that I saw at Jewel, but, Timmy once told me all gasholes look alike . Gonna try to make a trip to dinkville on Thurs or Fri. Give me a shout if you are going to be out on either day.
  3. Good advice King, nice craps Tank. Here is what the ice looked like yesterday at around 2:00 at Jewel. One pic is looking to the northwest at Godfreys the other is eastward towards Colemans and Edgewater. Ice is looking pretty bad and to make it even worse we saw one of these swell things as shown in the gashole pic. Big change in the ice in a little over a week as shown in Timmy's picture above.
  4. Nice outing Tank, you're spot on about the ice. We don't have the quantity or quality of ice this year and it will go real fast. Heard two guys went in off Lewis Point on Sat. Thankfully, they got out; their snowmobile didn't. Don't know if this was true or not but there were a lot of people out Sat and a lot of machines. Spooky enough to be walking on that stuff let alone driving a heavy machine on it. Hoping to get out today for a little while.
  5. Thanks Tank - some season isn't it? Not quite what we were looking forward to when we shared some good stories at the ice expo back in December. Hope all is well with you and your family.
  6. Glad to hear that you guys had a good time on Sunday and that you iced a few. Sorry that I was unable to join the festivities. Managed to get out this morning. Fished the Oneida Alps but we were limited in our ability to search by a pretty nasty pressure crack. Did pretty good considering our inability to move very far.
  7. Some pretty impressive specimens FK. Glad to see that 13.5 went back. I did the same with the only really large perch I caught my last time out. Hopefully, if more people do that, the fishery may come back close to old levels.
  8. Congrats CNY Freddy, real nice outing. Did you fish out of Edgewater, I had a couple of buds that had similar success on waldos and big perch out of Edgewater yesterday. They also said that they saw no one off the North shore past North Bay. I guess the Jewel area is "off limits" due to poor ice and/or bad shoreline.
  9. You guys are brutal . You've got the rules down pretty good. Hunkering down behind snowmobiles brings back some memories. I vividly recall the morning I was pulling my shanty out of Godfreys with my 1969 Ski-Doo Olympique when A gentle breeze caused me to "fishtail" and threw me off the sled. Must have slid on the smooth ice for at least 10 yards and a first down. Forgot all about the expo at the Fairgrounds, will try to stop by and say hello. Had a good time at the ice expo at Gander.
  10. Timmy that's a pretty full plate you've got going. Was hoping to meet up with King and others on Fri but the forecast looks pretty lousy with am rain and wind. May still be do-able but don't know if I can get out much before the afternoon. Whole weekend looks kinda iffy with possible high winds for the weekend. Don't want to sound like a wimp but I've gone for a few rides in my shelter and had some unpleasant falls during glare ice/high wind conditions. At my age doesn't make sense to take a chance on getting hurt and missing out on the entire ice season just trying to get out for one day.
  11. King - I don't think I can realistically get out until Friday, have a doctor's appointment and some other unpleasant stuff to do. If you want to try Friday let me/us know.
  12. Some nice fish once again guys. Timmy not too bad when you're fishing with you eyes closed . Fished with my usual Oneida buddies out of SB yesterday. Just about everyone limited - took some time and work but results were excellent. My first Oneida ice eye of the year
  13. Tank - will do, maybe we can get together next week sometime and maybe meet up with King, really confuse the hell out of those perch. Lake is in excellent shape with good ice and real easy walking. Finding those jumbos may not be as easy but a lot of fun trying. I guess I am not going to Oneida as planned, good luck Tim and Freddy.
  14. Nice fish Jay and Tank. Timmy sucks to have to work, but the alternative is not fun either. Might fish the Big O tomorrow, won't know until later. If we make it out, I'll give you a buzz. Fished thurs - wind was tough, lots of dinks but some good ones mixed in. Ended up with 24 all 9" and up.
  15. Pretty depressing news Fred - I've got another word besides "nuts" . Was hoping to see you guys on the ice at Jewell but I guess that ain't gonna happen for a while.
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