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  1. I returned from there Wednesday. Our party of 5 came home with 3 bucks. There was 4" of snow on the ground last Friday and Saturday till the warmer weather took care of that. We had lots of sign and in the evenings they were thick in the fields and ditches. We saw only one doe in the woods...otherwise all bucks along with tracks. They were not rutting as they were all solo. We will be heading back up for Muzzy so looking forward to it. Good Luck!!
  2. The second weekend I seen lots of teal where I hunted and thats it. We have some colder weather coming in and I hope they stick around till next weekend. My question is as the season moves along are you guys pulling your teal out of your decoy spreads? Or do you still use them for that variety and color no matter how late it gets? Thanks in advance.
  3. My wife and I just made our first home purchase and our closing date is October 16th. It's new construction and the builder is seeding the yard. He already has put black dirt down over the sandy soil but not to my liking. It's so thin you can see through it and some area's he didn't even cover. So I have a feeling I will have to do some work. Is there anything I can do that late in the year to get a jump on next spring? Or I'll wait and see what I have in the spring to work with. Sure I will be back with more questions, thanks.
  4. What I have read is it's used to learn the basics...sit, stay, kennel and what not. Not used for hunting. You use it to get a young dogs attention with the click and reward with a treat after the command is followed through. You slowly phase it out once the dog understands the commands and knows he will be rewarded with the treat. You then would have to field train using another method.
  5. Just curious if any one has used clicker training for their new pups? Looking to get my first hunting dog and picked up a book that went through some methods for basic training and thought it sounded good. Any thoughts from any one. If it matters this would be for a lab.
  6. Found it at the local feed store and it was funny, no one knew what stock salt was. I am in business and putting it out this holiday weekend with my camera I got for christmas that hasn't been used yet. Looking forward to it. Thanks!
  7. I went to my local Fleet Farm and bought my trace mineral, and di-calcium phosphate, but had trouble finding the stock salt or ice cream salt. All the stores I found it in are for a 5 lb bag. Anybody have an idea's where I can find some and in the quantity I need? I am finding rock and crystal salt...same thing?? I am in St. Cloud so I have a few options.
  8. This sounds great and I hope to try it. When do you suggest putting this out during the year? Is it good in the spring and summer?
  9. I have a 30 30 rifle that was given to me by my grandpa just before he died. I used that rifle my first year deer hunting and shot my first deer, so it means alot to me. Unfortunatly while walking out into the woods the shoulder strap pulled the screw out of the stock under the barrel and damaged the wood on it's way out. I found a couple pieces of the stock and couldn't find the larger piece. Does anyone know where to go or who to talk to?? I was hoping that someone can make a filler piece fit in and finish it so it is as if the whole accident never happened. I think of my grandpa every time I look at that gun but feel horrible for what happened to it. Would appreciate it very much.
  10. There is State Land north of Red Lake that I found some nice sloughs. I'm not sure how well it would be there with so many miles of woods around. Might not produce like the big body of water to the north. Thanks for the info guys, love this.
  11. I can believe that. I have see a few monsters sitting around in the summer. Central Minnesota you noramlly see 14'-16' old beat up aluminum boats but up there it's the massive deep V's and what not. As far as a location I was thinking around 4 mile bay, Morris Point and the creeks leading to the big lake. Not sure if the fall fisherman enjoy getting rained on by all that ammo flying!!
  12. Anyone on here ever duck hunt Lake of the Woods? My family has had a cabin up there as long as I have been around and my family is deer hunters only. I would like to give it a try in one of the bays and a slough north of Red Lake. Any info would be nice. Thanks.
  13. I bought a LED light that hooks to your Vex or my case the Lowrance ice machine. It's called a Glow N Go. Like a horseshoe that lights up when it detects a lure in front of it and lights for 10 seconds and then turns off. It has 4 LED's in it. Throw the lure in front of it 2 or 3 times and your good to go. Can get it any outdoor store. That's my 2 cents.
  14. The only thing the manual says is to make sure case is closed for best weather tight performance. Seems pretty vague to me??? The battery had no manuel just a sticker inside the cover of the plastic case how to charge.
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