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  1. Am looking to buy a semi-decent musky reel, I been using ambassadeurs (sp?) For a few years and the level wind keeps breaking....I have 2 small kids so obviously I will not being buying a new TRANX....however, anyone suggest good USED reels? I was looking at shimano calcutta 400bsv... Found a used one for $200....is that a poor deal? And is it reel enougb to haul in big baits all day?
  2. Thanks guys! So rivers being open year round, does species matter? Also, I assume the bAy (green) itsElf is also year round?
  3. So...... Nobody talkin? Nobody got answers/Advice? C'mon, help a brother out here eh?
  4. So what's the deal with a march opener? Is it arEa specific? Species specific? Also, anyone suggest area(s) for newbie to area to try? Narrowing down where to start would be helpful
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