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  1. redseal

    Twins reach one-year deal with Thome

    hope this isnt the favre of baseball......
  2. redseal

    Do people go fishing by themselves this time of year?

    It depends on the fisherman you are. It is for me a chance to get back with my friends... Sometimes its when me and my friend (s) can get out, other times its just me. I dont snort crack and drill 100 holes just to find fish... Im ok with just the friends and a line in the water. My god its fishing.... relax
  3. Fish lake in Mora, not the bar campground
  4. redseal

    Am I an [PoorWordUsage] ?

    You have to be... your from Zimmerman!!! lol So am I, so I guess we are both poor word useages
  5. redseal

    New Design of Portable Ice Houses

    Built in wind turbine, flushable toilet, elbow room
  6. Uhhh thats a long has been 100 days since it closed though, so almost half way through!!!! Its like a 2nd home just love it!!!
  7. redseal

    How close is too close

    Well the A$$ face on blue last night was too close with his slead 3-4x. And the others with full sized trucks, I felt the ice drop!!!
  8. redseal

    Best batter for pan fish?

    I pulverize ritz crackers into dust, add a little season salt, dip in egg with a pinch of mustard. Ive also put in a few doritos nacho cheese with the ritz b4.
  9. redseal

    Will the rain help make some good ice

    Problem is the rain is supposed to turn to snow on sat, then a huge cold front comes through...
  10. redseal

    Looking to buy ATV

    Just got me a Suzuki 500 kingquad, and that was after alot of time reaserching. They have/had .99% financing w/10 percent down, or 0% with 20. Their is a place in Osseo, he will get you a hell of a deal!! $1000 less than anyone around. Hondas are great also...cept you pay a lot more for the name...
  11. redseal

    ATV trails in MN

    yup suzuki 500 kingquad
  12. redseal

    ATV trails in MN

    Hey guys, Just got me a new 4 wheeler for x-mas. Was wondering about trails to ride it on, are their legal ones? I remember as a kid I got in some trouble with my dirt bike. Thanks!!
  13. redseal

    4 wheeler ice mods

    Going to pick up my 4 wheeler tommorow, looking for ideas besides my kids orange tobagin i usually
  14. redseal

    4 wheeler.. opinions plz!!!

    Going to buy a 4 wheeler tommorow. Pros, cons each make and model. Probably going with a Suzuki 700. What brand/ model works good for you?
  15. Im looking at either getting a new truck or a wheel house. My truck is a 2000 silverado with nothing wrong, and I have a work truck so I never drive it. Soooo I think my $$ would be better spent on a wheelhouse. Do any dealers finance?? and rates and payments? thanks