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  1. I have a 1971 Century Coronado with lots of water in the oil I just bought last October. It ran great when I put it away but now after 10 hours of running it this spring had 1-2 gallons of water mixed with the oil. Compression test showed low compression in three cylinders, again, it runs fantastic. I pulled the heads off and as you can imagine it looks like a vanilla shake exploded and is covering the rockers...the area under the carb but the cylinder walls and piston tops look perfect. There was about 1 ounce of water in the cylinder with the worst compression, 55#. I'm assuming its either a warped head or blown gasket. I need to check the heads, replace gaskets and clean up the motor. What is the best way, other than yanking the motor, to get that oil/water sludge out of the pan and all the other places it worked into????? Thanks, Brent
  2. I've had this 6.6x14 V nose for about 8 years. I've never greased the wheel/leaf spring pivot points and now one is locked up. It looks like there are zerk fittings but they are very rusted and now are just rusty nubs on the front of the pipe. I put penetrating oil on it but only had about 45 minutes to let it soak in before I tried lowering it again with no luck. Suggestions? Thanks, Brent
  3. I cant seem to get the left hand guard installed without it being in the way when I reach for the brake with my fingers. Has anyone installed this with better luck?
  4. Thanks!! My girlfriend has a 10 lb Daschund...any chance that hawk would take a run at it? The hawk was chasing after a squirrel on the deck before I took these shots ( through the glass with my phone ).
  5. Is Lakemaster compatible with iPhones??? My H2O is down and I either need to get it fixed or switch things up...
  6. I also am thinking about getting a cheaper generator. Has anyone used the Chicago Generator sold by Harbor Freight? I am worried going cheaper will be a problem in the long run but its a big up front savings...
  7. I have 1x2s running lengthwise on the ceiling over the holes. I attached hinges and 12 inch 1x2s to that so they can be stowed flat to the ceiling when not in use. Put the rattle reels on the ends of the small 1x2s...it works great.
  8. I know I have seen this done with a special mounting bracket. The puck sits over the battery somehow? I put in a good effort online but have come up with nothing. Thanks.
  9. My feeder is on the ground at the minute due to a broken pully. Its made for some interesting visitors!
  10. I have a Panasonic DMC-TZ1 which does ok for what its asked to do. Someday it will be upgraded to a better camera but for now I am working with what I have. What editing software would you guys suggest? Thanks, Brent
  11. There are four couples total that we normally take a boat trip with. Its two boats, a 26 ft Fourwins Cuddy and a 23 ft Crownline Cuddy. We like to have slips and a nice spot to stay at night. We troll durning the day and dont mind tipping a few back at night. Would this be a good area for us? Thanks.
  12. Here are two I wont need the bird book for. The Sibley is on the way though!
  13. We just started feeding the birds in Eden Prairie. This winter we used the laminated "Birds at Your Feeder, A Guide to Winter Birds of the Great Plains" and it worked very well for what we had. Now there are many birds we cant identify. Which book do you all suggest? I would post some shots but...even I laugh at the quality of my photos after looking at what you guys post. Thanks, Brent
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