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  1. How long can I refrigerate sap? Probably won't boil until Sunday...
  2. Well, I went home for lunch, and my "dry" maple was running like a sieve! I had to run and put some spiles in it quick and hang some buckets. Kind of excited about it. First time doing this.
  3. DaSwede

    Maple Syrup

  4. I tapped two huge silvers in my backyard. One is flowing pretty strong. The other is dry. They are only about 50 yards (east and west) of each other. Not sure why one would run strong and the other nothing, but I'll keep watching. First time doing it, so thought it would be kind of fun to try.
  5. DaSwede

    Maple Syrup

    Anyone tap maple trees this year? I have two huge silver maples, and I tapped both. One is running really well, but nothing is running from the other. This is the first year I've tried it, and I'm not overly concerned with end result...just wanted to give it a try! Thanks!
  6. DaSwede

    Is my marcum battery bad?

    I would say it's your battery. Mine did the same thing. It just won't go to green, so I bought a new one at FF, and within a couple hours, it turned green. I'm going to use the old one as a back up, as it did still work really well.
  7. DaSwede

    Lets see your hunting dogs

    [Todd Caswell] Cooper All of your dogs are beautiful, but that Cooper is a STUD!!! What a great looking dog, Todd!
  8. DaSwede

    LX6 & LX7 Owners

    I've had mine for a year and a half. I had a showdown previous to the LX-6. I love it. I get a full day's use out of it. I always charge it after, so I'm not sure what the full life of the battery is. As far as the functions, I love that I can still have the vertical column as well as a traditional flasher-dial up at the same time. If I were to do it all over again, I would go with the LX-7 because I think the bigger screen would be a benefit for me. I don't hole-hop much, so I'm not so worried about portability.
  9. DaSwede

    LX7 charger

    I don't think my LX6 charger ever shows green, but it is charged all the way. I always carry an extra battery anyway, but so far no problems other than no green light.
  10. DaSwede

    A good dog nail clipper

    The one I have is called "Safari." The reason I like it is because it has a stopper so you can't cut too far up. It may not be an expensive one, but so far so good!
  11. DaSwede

    when to feed?

    I feed at 6:30 am and then again at 6:00 pm. I've never had issues. We had to go to two feedings because of stomach issues, and I was a little worried about the morning feed and then hunting, but he's always done well.
  12. DaSwede

    Protecting Exposed Skin on Lab

    Update: My wife called the vet today, and he recommended an iodine solution (or at least that's what it looks like) that he uses on cattle. It kind of adds a rubber-like seal over the area. He also gave me some bitter apple spray to put around it to keep him from licking the area. I'll see how it goes.
  13. DaSwede

    First Hunting Trip!!

    My lab was 5-6 months old for our first hunt. He did really well, but I kept the hunts short. He also was acclimated to shooting by accident. I brought him to Game Fair. I didn't know that Tom Knapp was shooting right next to where we were standing. He was doing his trick where he'd throw up 9-10 clays and shoot them all. Well, let's just say that Tom Knapp broke in my dog to shotgun fire! Not many can say that!!! It ended up working out just fine. I was lucky...
  14. DaSwede

    Protecting Exposed Skin on Lab

    I've used some of that stuff. I think they call it "New Skin," and it hurts like heck because it's also a disinfectant. Maybe there's some that will just coat though.