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  1. Many will tell you that the ice show is full of great deals. Personally, I have never found that to be the case. My advice would be to just pay whatever they are asking. Do not try to bargain, or you will be met with a great deal of hostility. Two years ago my buddy tried to get a deal on a Vexilar. (By a deal I mean the retailer would pay the tax) Based upon the responses (eye rolling, dirty looks, etc..), we may as well been asking for a free FL-18.
  2. I like the St. Croix model rods premiere, I think, (regular price 20 bucks) in combination with a gander mountain reel. 28 inch medium light rod with 6 lb vanish makes an excellent walleye rig for around 30 bucks. (on sale) Very sensitive and strong. Mine have survived several battles with eelpout and have never been better. Broke one, but that was my fault since I stepped on it!!! I also like the 28-30 inch medium/light Lightning Rod for jigging, but I don't think they make that model anymore. Was this replaced by the genz line??
  3. Philo

    How big a hole?

    I only use hand augers. I own 4, 6, and 8 inch models, strikemaster lasers. If I had to choose one, I would go with the 6 no question, it drills alot easier than the 8 and is big enough to pass large fish. If I need a bigger hole, I will drill pilot holes with the 4 and fishing holes with the 8.
  4. LOW - December 16th. Hope to out in the metro before then as well.
  5. I have used Gander Mountain brand ice reels for several years and find them to be a good value. You can get them on sale for around 12 bucks and they seem to stand up over the long haul.
  6. Philo

    ice line

    My vote is for 6 lb vanish. It has served me well for several years with no complaints.
  7. I agree with the posts recommending LOW. This will be our fourth year up there in the winter. Best time we have all year!!!
  8. I would like to try some lake trout fishing this winter and need some information on guides, maybe in the Duluth area. Anyone know a guide I could contact? Most likely it would be for one day of fishing just to try it out. Thanks.
  9. Philo

    Lake Trout

    Does any one know of any guide services for lake trout in the Duluth area? I would like to try lakers, but I have no idea where to go. Thoughts?
  10. It's Vanish for the walleye rigs, usually 6 lb. Excellent winter line. For the panfish, I use 2 lb yellow stren. I like the yellow as it makes the bites easy to see against the ice. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I was fishing a north metro lake this morning and left because I felt the ice was too thin. (barely 4"). Much to my shock, when I left the lake guys were driving out with four wheelers pulling permanent houses!?!?!? Sadly, I wouldn't be suprised if someone falls through the ice this weekend somewhere in the metro.
  12. Philo

    What is with this?

    Foot-that story about the no hunting signs don't really surprise me. Seems like some people want to control their land and other's. Interesting stories all around. It seems as though this problem is universal and not limited to me. That is somewhat comforting, I guess. I would be interested in some game warden stories on this issue. Anyone reading this work as a CO and encounter complaints such as these? What would the CO response be to a nonowner of land complaining about potential trespassers? Would a CO interupt a hunt to investigate a complaint of possible trespassing from a nonowner of the property?
  13. Philo

    What is with this?

    Studer - I like that idea about pasting a permission statement in the window of your vehicle. Might serve to avoid some of the issues we have had while hunting.
  14. Philo

    What is with this?

    I don't doubt what you are saying and I understand that some people look out for each other. No problem with that. Wouldn't you, though, if someone was your neighbors land, call your neighbor first to see if someone was supposed to be in there, rather than just going in and disturbing a hunt in progress? I understand the neighbor's involvement in your case, as your mother was not present to oversee her property. Not the case here, as the landowner lives a short distance up the road and could have been contacted easily. Heck, he probably drove by my car on the road several times while I was in there. I must disagree with your contention that this issue comes from people who don't own land, however. The issue seems to be one of those who don't own the land wanting to police it. Another example to ponder. Two years ago I was hunting on the Olmsted/Dodge County line in Zone 3B. About 4:00 here comes a four wheeler through the woods (illegal, I think). It was a kid who asked me what I was doing and if I had permission. I told him I was hunting and had permission from the land owner, which I did and had for several years prior to 2003. After I get home, I get the call about how I should stay out of there from this kid's dad. The guy that called me didn't own the land and I never even got close to his land entering or exiting the area????? It's hard for me to understand this as a "neighborhood watch" situation.
  15. Philo

    What is with this?

    Sorry guys, have to do a little venting here. Hunting 3B on Saturday and about 3:30 here comes a four wheeler down the edge of the woods right towards me. Some lady comes down there to see if I had permission to hunt on this land. Well, she didn't own the land and I was never on her land or even close to it. (I had permission to hunt there and have had permission for about 5 years) It seems like every year for about the last four years or so someone has come in and investigated my permission status to hunt when they don't own the land I am hunting on??? What causes this need to play junior game warden? Why is it anyone's business what I am doing on someone else's land? Isn't this a question of manners? I would never even think of doing something like that. I believe the correct thing to do is to call the land owner and inform them that someone is on their property and let them handle it.
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