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  1. I have decided to sell my current boat and the boat that I would like to buy is the Lund Pro-Guide. How/where can I find extensive listings for used boats, not just in Minnesota, but country wide. Any help would be apprciated. Thanks Fellas!
  2. baldrkpt58

    Lund 1825 Pro Guide

    I just saw this boat for the first time on the Lund HSOforum. I fell in love with it. This will be my retirement boat for sure. I would like the 17'er and would really like to buy a used model. Anyone know where I would look?
  3. baldrkpt58

    Best rough water ride?

    Also good to remember that whatever boat you decide to buy, it will sit in your garage for at least 6 months out of the year while you, "play boat." I also like the Yar-Craft and wonder where they are made. I know Warrior is made in Minnesota.
  4. baldrkpt58

    Ocean fishing in St. Thomas for first time ever!!!!

    We are heading to St. John's in January. St. Thomas is much busier and is the destination for cruise ships. 4/5's of St. Johns is national park and has a laid back atmosphere. Let me know how you do fishing. Have [email protected]
  5. baldrkpt58

    That annoying lifter tick

    It is quiet on start up and you can hear it when the engine warms up some. I would have to rule out manifold leakage as it has a definate clicking noise to it and I have looked. I put some seafoam in yesterday and did not seem to quiet it down any.
  6. baldrkpt58

    That annoying lifter tick

    I have a '04 ford f 150 with the 5.4 triton the I purchased used from a dealership in the northwest metro. I am hearing a lifter tick and wonder what, if anything I should do. Will this get worse with age? The truck has 60,000 miles on it.
  7. baldrkpt58

    Power trim goes up, but not down.

    I've had this happen on the lake and luckily I was able to just switch places with the relays and got back to the cabin. Now I keep two spares in the glovebox.
  8. baldrkpt58

    Yamaha 8 horse

    I had the same problem with my 4hp Suzuki. Are you using non-ox gas all the time and not the stuff out of the regular pumps? Must me a jet that has gunked up from the ethanol they put in the regular gas.
  9. baldrkpt58

    Winkleman Fish Mix

    The best stuff I have used in my life, to include shore lunches when I guided is called, "Totally Wild Seasonings". I picked some up at the Fishing Show at the convention center a couple of years ago. It tastes great and does not burn after a couple of batches fried. Sportsman Warehouse stocks it or I just order it from them. It's a Mom and Pop business from our neighbors to the South.
  10. baldrkpt58

    Beer of the Summer.....

    Have to agree with Mid-Lake-Rock. Bell's Hopslam is probably the best of the best; with regards to best cheaply made beer: Try Weinhardts Boar Ale. Had it when I lived in Wash. State. I think you will agree that for a few bucks less, not to bad.
  11. baldrkpt58

    New Wild Coach!

    How about another minnesota boy, Kevin Constantine. He's from my hometown, Int'l Falls and has previous NHL experience. He's also coaching the Houston team in the AHL..
  12. Do you still have it? Please e-mail me @ [email protected] and I would like to take a look at it. I don't live too far. Thanks
  13. Do you still have it? Please e-mail me @ [email protected] and I would like to take a look at it. I don't live too far. Thanks