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  1. Went Musky fishing on Kimball with my son Monday. Saw two shopac strain muskies. One low 40" the other about 15". No mistaking them right next to the boat. Talked to homeowners and many have seen them but few. Anyone else ever fish the lake? Any luck? Must be some natural reproduction going on here.
  2. I appreciate the info guys. I'm on LWFC and both these lakes are very close. Fished Ossi for a few hours on Friday afternoon with no luck. Went to Little Boy Sat. and caught a small shoepac. I thought the DNR quit stocking the lake with these. Must be some kind of natural reproduction going on there. Where can I see stocking info that far back for thosae lakes?
  3. Trying to do some research on muskies in these two lakes can anybody help. Both lakes have maps claiming muskies, but DNR doesn't lay claim to any recent work here. Anybody out there know anything about this lake and it's history? DNR has been good at making info difficult to find. Muskie on the wall at Norway Ridge supposedly coming from Kimball Lake. Help me out here.
  4. RAH

    WFC Lakers

    Was over on Island Lake the other day and caught a 2-3 lb Tulibee and a couple small eyes in 34 fow. Man are those Tulibees strong at that size.
  5. RAH

    WFC Lakers

    Closer to the Rush Channel, about 15 or so to the south. Have you tried fishing crappies on the big water? I've been looking but no luck. In the summer kids caught some off the Boyd Lodge area, this fall a guy was catching some large ones right outside the channel going into Rush. I know they catch fish in Clamshell, Loon and other side lakes but really wanted to find some big undisturbed schools in the big water. What do you use trying to catch whiteys? The ones we caught are using mid size jig with minnow head. Most just swim by without a second look. The lakes got some monsters.
  6. RAH

    WFC Lakers

    We're on the south side of Lower, brown house with turret. Green Outpost portable, move around a lot. Whiteys on the south side hump darn near in front of my place. They are running just off the breakline in 17-24 fow. Seen them come in large schools of 10-30, very nice size up to 3 lbs +-, usually seen in that 9-11 am time. Caught just one this year fishing for eyes. Have caught a lot of Tulibees this year up to 1.5 lbs mostly on the deeper flats. Trying the deep humps 45-50 fow for eyes and lakers now with little success. Seem to be best in 18-30 fow. Ever fish Lower Manitou in Canada? Supposed to be awsome Lakers and Muskie? Track me down if up. TTYL
  7. RAH

    WFC Lakers

    Gutz, Thanks for the response. I did have the camera down it was about 11 am in both cases. Fishing Lower due to the slush problems. Seen the Lakers in 2 locations. One spot just a single in and out. The other had 5-7, circled came in nipped or just looked. Only were interested in red spoon with glow, 29 fow flat with deep water on 3 sides. Caught a few nice eyes on same flat. Had a school of 2-300 Jumbos come in also caught only 2. They were moving fast. Sounds like you fish the lake a lot?
  8. I got mine from Gander. They are adjustable in length.
  9. RAH

    WFC Lakers

    Just bought up on Lower Witefish. Seen a few lakers fishing for eyes but no takers. Anyone fish them up here? Tactics?
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