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  1. BradB

    Archery opener Mn

    I had a good opener in the metro. I hunted out of my Ghostblind in the morning and was visited pre-light by 4 does who came from upwind and got 5 feet away. They could clearly smell me and were stamping and snorting. Before I left that spot I had 5 more come from the same direction. If the wind had been just a little more less I would have been done early. I left mid-day to take my godson to the gun range to practice with his rifle. Then I went right back. As I was walking in on the woodchipped trail (with my ghostblind on my back and wearing my fanny pack) I noticed a doe drinking in the creek as I crossed a bridge. I completely ignored her and walked on at the same speed--she didn't spook. When I got to a large tree that shielded me I stopped and nocked an arrow. I guessed 30 yards and tried to get a shot from the left of the tree and it was like one of those crazy 3D shots with a lot of sticks in the way and 2" to snake an arrow through. So I switched to the other side of the tree and she moved a bit. Saw her through my peep broadside so I let my arrow fly. Ran about 50 yards and that was it. It was a good way to start the season!
  2. Bald Eagle Sportsmans Association will be having our last 3D shoot of the summer this Sunday, September 7th. 30 targets on two 15 target loops, all Reinhart from alligators to zombies. 9-3, and $10 for nonmembers. Hamburgers, Brats, and Hotdogs with all the fixings for concession. 6557 N 125th St Hugo, MN 55038 At 1 PM there is a free deer processing seminar put on by Deer Dummys on the upper trap range. This is sponsored by BESA and the St. Croix Valley chapter of the MDHA. They'll be demonstrating the tricks of the butchering trade in processing a roadkill deer. Step by step instructions and they won't leave until everyone's questions are answered to the hunter's satisfaction.
  3. I'll be burning a lot more gas driving down to the Wisconsin farmland zone, as I have 2 buck and 2 doe tags there. I mostly hunt in the metro, but since I didn't get drawn for MBRB I'll probably concentrate on Wisconsin--which I kind of like better anyway.
  4. BradB

    ghost blind

    I have one and I like it. I hunt a lot in an urban nature preserve where run and gun is the way to get on the deer. Got it last year and only used it twice (no shots) but it can put you in some spots where quickness of set and lack of trees can pay off.
  5. BradB

    MBRB Hunt Winners Drawn

    I applied for 9 hunts, plus the sharpshooter.
  6. BradB

    MBRB Hunt Winners Drawn

    "You have not been selected as primary or alternate for any of the hunts already drawn" Guess that serves me right for not signing up last year. I was so disappointed by the Little Canada hunt I had I didn't bother. I was hoping to get it this year, and Pigs Eye--my favorite hunt.
  7. Word has it that Prairie Farm in Boyceville, WI is on for tomorrow. This is part of the Wisconsin Indianhead 3D league and I try to go to most of them.
  8. BradB

    Deer Classic This Weekend

    I used to like going when it was at the fairgrounds. Last year in Blaine it was a mess--not enough space for the exhibitors. Does anyone know if they've fixed that for this year?
  9. BradB

    Single Pin sights

    HHA Optimizer with the dial sight. If you're worried about adjusting before the shot (which I would never do) the dial is a heck of a lot easier and faster than the slider. I have them on 2 bows and can't imagine anything else. Set it at 25 and shoot a few inches high or low depending on how you range it. Personally, I would never shoot at a deer over 35 yards so it's no problem for me. I love the uncluttered shot window, and really like them for 3D. I shoot the same bows in 3D as I hunt with, so no problems.
  10. BradB

    Ground Blind

    Not a fan for ground blinds for archery hunting. I hunt pressured metro deer in a place where I have to take up and down any set. I used a Double Bull for a couple years, but every deer that saw it spooked. I'm using a Ghost Blind this year and so far so good. The deer don't even see it as far as I can tell. Of course, this probably won't work for two. But maybe?
  11. BradB

    West Central Bow Hunter 60 3D Shoot

    I went this weekend, for the third year in a row. I think this is one of the best shoots around, and I travel A LOT for 3D. 70 targets this year! Almost all of them are newer Rineharts, and it is a beautiful property. I don't seem much advertising for this shoot around and wanted to give it some props. Nearly as good as a R100. I will be going back next year, without a doubt.
  12. BradB

    Iron Range R100 -- Who's going?

    I was surprised a bit by how few they had in Aurora. I think there were as many, or more, in Duluth last year--and that was just after the flood where it was a mudhole. I wasn't a big fan of Sparta because I thought there were too many people there. You couldn't camp onsite (which you couldn't do at Aurora, either) and there was a lot of waiting to shoot. I think I waited 90 minutes to start the North America loop--just standing in line, and waiting to shoot the first target. I did think that they did a good job in Aurora, and I will definitely go back. The only complaint I had was that on the first day they had a fellow drive me down from parking on an ATV. Now I feel bad for the guy, as he clearly was disabled from a head injury (visible scars). But he nearly drove me off the hill at high speed, and he started swerving around when he saw a friend. When I yelled "easy" at him over the motor, he slowed down and told me he forgot I was back there. Again, I feel bad for him and wish him the best, but I don't think they should have let him drive people.
  13. BradB

    Iron Range R100 -- Who's going?

    I am quite happy that the first guy wasn't there. I'm 2/5 for prizes at R100's now--won a 18 in 1 target at last year's Duluth event. I'm planning on going to Sparta, Iowa, and possibly Nebraska this year for R100's. Always a great time. We spent a bunch of time with the guys from Anchor Point Archery in Amery and they were a lot of fun. Next time I need a new bow (which might be a while as I have a 2013 Bowtech Experience and now a new Elite on the way) but I think I'll give them a try.
  14. BradB

    Iron Range R100 -- Who's going?

    I had a great time too. I center punched the apple, and I actually won the Elite bow in the drawing. That was a great trip!
  15. BradB

    Iron Range R100 -- Who's going?

    muskiewen, your family will have a great time. Don, maybe I'll see you at Sparta again this year?