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  1. uppdacreek

    61" Muskie caught on Mille Lacs?

    This thread is like kicking a dead horse.
  2. uppdacreek

    By Bass, See You Next Year

    You'll be missing the best bass fishing of the year!! Oh well more for me.
  3. uppdacreek

    Here are your 2009 King of the Cats Champions!

    THANK YOU Steve and Darren!!! I have been fighting a horrible cold this week and had not been online to check who even won until this morning. BIG congrats to all who won the title this year!!! I know everyone fished there tails off to get there. Again THANK YOU Steve and Darren. I wouldn't have even noticed if it weren't for you two. I owe you guys a cold one sometime or a trip in my boat to chase some sturgeon. Might as well make it both. Let me know guys. Thanks again and CONGRATS to the winners!!
  4. uppdacreek

    Alphabet Band Name Game

  5. uppdacreek

    Alphabet Band Name Game

    Quad City DJ's
  6. uppdacreek

    best store bought meat for jerky

    I'm not happy with the price of flank lately either, but this what I have been using for the past couple years. Didn't know it was a new "fad" either. I also don't mind spending a little extra for good meat. All the other suggestions make great jery too. You could go down to your local mexican market and get some burro too. The local place here has it for around $1/lb and it fabulous. Haven't made jerky with it but I'm sure it would be just fine.
  7. uppdacreek

    homemade spaghetti sauce

    Can't go wrong with that recipe!!
  8. uppdacreek

    Alphabet Band Name Game

    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  9. uppdacreek

    Navionics or Lakemaster?

    Go with Lakemaster!! Had the Nav. chip, got to see the LM chip one day this spring while fishing with a buddy, stopped and bought the LM chip on my way home that day.
  10. uppdacreek

    non-stick vs stainless steel

    I think chef said everything there is to say about both ns and stainless. Great post chef!! You may want to look at cast iron too if you are planning on buying single pots or pans instead of buying a set. Never hurts to have a good cast iron skillet around.
  11. uppdacreek

    Alphabet Band Name Game

  12. uppdacreek

    Alphabet Band Name Game

    oops, sorry about E!! KORN
  13. uppdacreek

    Alphabet Band Name Game

    Fear Factory
  14. uppdacreek