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  1. Quote: Quote: not asian - indian - or wait my bad native american - if i remember right it was decieded not to be 70 inches by lookin at the studs in the shack - if you read the story he never even had a tape on it it was the paper that gave it a number...... got to love the media - either way that thing is huge! Native Canadian. Wrong. Native American. I know. I am one.
  2. DavidH


    I've found over time that the less I say....the more I learn.
  3. The last time I tried to turn it over was the day it died on the lake. About a month and a half ago. It did turn over but wouldnt start.
  4. Quote: It sure is tempting, but that motor scares me. What were the symptoms before it died? Thanks, schaapj I wouldnt buy it in the hopes that the motor is going to work. There were no symptoms before it died. Just out running on the lake and it stopped working.
  5. All I can say, after reading all these horror stories is thank god I live on a lake and that I dont have to deal with boat launches.
  6. Quote: I'm looking for how to transport it on the lake, without using a vehicle. I've heard of people using sleds but was not sure what kind or type. Can you not just pull it with the rope? That's all I do. Sometimes I spray some WD-40 on the bottom so it slides nicer.
  7. Quote: Avoid using rope. After watching mine slam into a tree at 40 mph you'd probably agree. The house and sled wasn't damaged but my finder and heater didn't fare as werll. Uhh...why in Gods name were you going 40 on an atv pulling a portable??????
  8. DavidH

    Anonymous Users

    I wasnt logged in. There...one less anonymous user.
  9. DavidH

    Test Post

    OMG! Finally the forum isnt all tiny and centered on the page! Now this is MUCH MUCH MUCH better!!
  10. Looks like the Forest Lake is full of Bullheads. No information on what's in Mud Lake.
  11. Try TinyPic Image Hosting. I believe they host pics for free.
  12. DavidH

    Repala for Bass

    I use the regular ones. Just cast it on the edge of weedbeds and retrieve.
  13. Funny all the complaints about Natives fishing/netting/spearing Red lake, Leech and Winnie and there are over 10,000 lakes here in Minnesota. Surely one can find another lake to fish on where there is no Native fishing/netting/spearing. Or are there ulterior motives to some of these complaints?
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