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  1. coombia21

    Skeeter ZX2050 Angled in Garage

    I am looking at purchasing a newer house and my boat is in storage and I cannot get it out right now. How short of a garage can I go and still get the boat in the garage with an angle? I would love to buy a house with a bigger garage but that is not in the budget right now, and the boat always stays indoors.
  2. coombia21

    Which unit for mapping?

    I am looking to get a 10-12 inch screen to use strictly for creating maps on lakes that either do not have a depth maps or the ones that have poor maps. I already have 2 lowrance has-7s in the boat and run one in the ranger for ice fishing so I am familiar with the lowrance systems. I am looking at both the bird and lowrances. Can someone help me better understand how these systems work. I like the lowrance but do not want to have my maps public with everyone and do not understand the systems. Can someone with experience with either unit chime in and help me pick out a unit. Thanks
  3. coombia21

    Storing rippin raps in tackle box

    I have a buddy that tried the crank caddies last weekend and it was a disaster. I am pretty sure they were more tangled up than my old 3700 that I just threw my raps in. Thinking I am going to have to buy foam and put it into my 3700s.
  4. coombia21

    Roof mounted rod rack

    Looking to mount a rod rack on the inside roof of my ranger topper. What is the best style of rack that will keep the rods from falling out while traveling across the lake? Thanks
  5. coombia21

    Storing rippin raps in tackle box

    I am looking for ideas to store lipless crank baits in a box without getting them tangled together and to also protect them. We run a couple trays each in the winter and they are getting so beat up when bouncing around in the ranger and sled. Is there a good way to store them with out letting them get tangled up and chipping the paint off them? Thanks
  6. coombia21

    New strikemaster flighting or new jiffy

    I have an ion already. I want this auger for big fish trips I just got back from Winnipeg and have 3-4 more trips up there this year and the k-drill won't cut it for me. I bring my ion as a backup but won't use it for my main auger up there either gas or propane for the main auger. Too much ice and too many holes for battery power.
  7. coombia21

    Best Ice house sleeper rental at Lake of the woods

    Arnesons, by far one of the best resorts I have been to anywhere in MN and ND. Arnesons will do just about anything to make sure you are having a good time. I won't go anywhere else on LOTW.
  8. coombia21

    Mounting Graph in Polaris Ranger

    I am in the process of building a mount that will cover my cup holders in my center console. I will try and post pictures when I am done if I remember.
  9. coombia21

    Mounting Graph in Polaris Ranger

    Has anybody mounted a graph in their ranger. I am looking for a way to mount my HDS-7 in my ranger but not quite sure the best way to mount it as there is little support behind the plastic. I am thinking of mounting it to the frame on the rear and keeping it between the seats but would like to mount it on the dash to be able to keep my eyes looking forward. Any help or pictures would be appreciated.
  10. coombia21

    New strikemaster flighting or new jiffy

    Thanks for the help. I wound up just getting a bit for my strikemaster, it was hard to beat it at 100 for the bit.
  11. I have a 3hp lazer pro strikemaster and I am tired of putting new blades on it every time I take it to a lake full of silt in the ice and I am looking to purchase a chipper style bit. How do the strikemasters compare to the jiffy. I can get a strikemaster assembly for around 150. Am I better off to buy a whole new jiffy auger and sell my old one or should I just buy a bit. Anybody that has used these please let me know.
  12. I have a f150 crew cab long box ecoboost and a 8x16 lake of the woods edition. Do you think I could get by pulling my house with an aluminum sled deck in the box? I will only be putting an arctic cat 400 and my otter lodge on it. Going on a solo trip so taking 2 trucks isn't an option. The trip is about 170 miles each way.
  13. coombia21

    Recommended bibs "that time of year"

    The best suit I've worn is the cabelas guide wear insulated bibs. I tried every brand out and found that these were the most comfortable ones. Ive had them for 1.5 seasons and when these wear out, I will be getting another pair. Watch out for sales, these bibs go on sale a couple times a year, normally they are 300+ if I remember correctly and I paid somewhere between 150-180 on the sale. I fish outside and kneel in the snow/slush/water and I have yet to have water leak into the bibs on over 50 days of use so far.
  14. coombia21

    Best Ice Fishing Tackle Box

    I would like to go smaller, but I fish so many different species and style of lakes on a trip that I don't want to leave stuff at home. I use an avery blind bag now and it works great just need something a little bigger. I like that it is waterproof especially for those days when there is water on top of the ice or the amount of snow dust that gets into the house. Its nice to keep it from having rusty jigs and dealing with drying it out every night.
  15. coombia21

    Best Ice Fishing Tackle Box

    I am looking for a new tackle box for ice fishing. Last year I used an avery blind bag and that worked good, but it was full and hard to get the trays out without dropping something out of it. What is the best tackle bag that is around now, I looked at the frabill bag today and it looks alright but still does not look like that great of quality. What is the best bag in this size, would like something with a waterproof bottom and possibly waterproof sides as well. Would also like it to have some side pockets to store things like pliers and other misc things in. Thanks