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  1. toenail

    ice fishing depth

    So all you pro's out there maybe you can answer this question for me. What depth would you want to be at to catch wallyes. Say your fishing a point where it gradually drops to 35'. Dec-Feb, how deep each month. Dark stained lake. Last year a game warden came by on a snowmachine and checked my license and says they're getting them at 19'. hmm...what determines proper depth. I don't wanna be fishing dead water! Thanks, TonyS
  2. toenail

    Wi. fisherman/tips and info.

    I'm Tony from Duluth. I could not comment of the walleye fishn MN vs. WI but if you want to talk steelheads I would have to vote Wiscinsin. The Brule, Root, Sheboygan, Peshtigo, Menominee. All Minnesota has to offer is not really true rivers. I mean they are like water run off regulates the flow. The sharp drop from 3 miles upstream to the big lake is drastic which makes for a lot of beauty and holes but not much actual river miles to fish. and todays the big day, Vikes vs. the Pack, I see the local fish wrap have the pack by 4. I take a 6 pack on that bet in a heartbeat. GO VIKINGS !!
  3. toenail

    Artistic Anglers

    51" musky. wow thats a dandy. but $10 an inch, I don't need a calaculator to figure that out. Thats when a nice 8x10 photo comes in.
  4. toenail

    How many holes do U drill??

    I like to go to a favorite area. Maybe drill 5 or 6 holes. If its cold I will only fish the 2. If its warmer I will move around the 6 holes. You better have yourself a plan, you don;t want to be movin all your stuff around come prime time for the evening bite. Walleyes that is. Tony
  5. toenail

    black specks on fish

    Thats what it is called,"black spot". Its safe to eat fillets with it. Northerns are commonly found with it. TonyS
  6. toenail

    Patching holes in Carhartts

    I used terr grease, its a white liquid fabric cement and denim. I was a welder for 10 years, after you wash carharts where a couple hot spots were there was always a hole to patch. TonyS
  7. toenail

    new portables

    An armor fabric portable?? Is that a Frabil? TonyS
  8. I caught a ball cap on Kapetogama, that said,"Virginia Alcohol Rehab Center". No talk either, its true!! TonyS
  9. toenail

    Backyard Birds

    I was putting sunflower seeds on the railing of my deer stand, just to help pass the hours as they go by. I was even getting good at picking out individual chickadees. When I went out of the deer stand they seem to follow me about. I had one incident with some gray jays that ocasionally came by too. I was sitting down having a hot cup of coffee, peeking over my railing and the jay swooped up and landing spread eagle, on the railing 6" from my face. Coffee went everywhere. He came back the next day, landing on one of the support trees of my stand, peeking around at me, but afraid to get any seed. TonyS
  10. toenail

    Different species?

    My brother and I were at Washburn Wisc fishing in Chequagmon Bay, for trout. Fish were not biting so well that late morning, and I see some guy all alone fishing. And he was busy!! I went over to see what was biting. He had 2# test and waxies fishing for smelt. I thought that was kinda odd, but he explained to me that,"yeh, you can catch a ton with a seine or dipnet in the spring when they are spawning, but in the winter they are firm and not mushy". Which is true for elepout, trout, and salmon, or any fish thats not spawning. TonyS
  11. toenail

    Shooting Fawns

    2 reasons: 1) they are good and tender meat 2) its a deer harvest, thin the herd to a balanced level. but....I did pass from shooting a fawn on opening day, being the nice touchy feely guy I am.
  12. toenail


    anybody remember Bob Cary from Ely, ran for President in the Fishermans Party, 20 years ago? TonyS
  13. toenail

    What's the best winter fishing line?

    I agree with eelPout Master, PowerPro or Fireline with a 3-4' leader. I was using 6# Maxima supersoft for a leader and was happy with it. This year I'm going to try the Seagar leader. Also another important part of this rig is the knot from your line to leader. Cannot beat a bloodknot. Hard to tie up, but the best for lines of unequal types. TonyS