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  1. Or would you recommend just renting a camper cabin instead of pulling a camper 500 miles. Besides the rates for some of the camper cabins look similar to getting a full hookup RV site.
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good campground to stay at in the Black Hills. It's just me and my wife so we don't need any kid amenities. Just need 30A site with full hookups. I was looking at Fort Welikit. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good custom fit seat cover? The pooch is wrecking the seats in my 03 Explorer. Thanks.
  4. I have seen this floor plan and it provides tons of room for a 26' camper. The awning does get a little close to the top of the kitchen slide out but since it has a power awning we will roll it in if the weather appears to be a factor. Actually the dry weight is 5755lbs and yes the hitch weight is 835lbs. I will be purchasing an equalizer hitch and will be pulling it with a 2013 F150 with the Ecoboost so I pulling it won't be an issue. As for dragging it around, that's exactly what we'll be doing so we'll see how that goes. chasineyes, thanks for the offer but we ordered this premier already. Also what is the dry weight of your camper and doesn't an expedition get 8mpg no matter if it's pulling or not?
  5. Go to youtube and search for fast lane truck ike gauntlet. It is a pretty interesting test for the Ford Ecoboost, Chevy 6.2L and the Nissan Titan.
  6. Looking at getting a 2014 26RBPR Keystone Premier travel trailer. We're not new to camping but are new to travel trailers. We have tented and camped with a popup camper in the past. Anyone have pros or cons to this model? Thanks.
  7. Steam them instead of boiling them. This makes them peel a lot easier as well. You can buy steamers designed especially for eggs.
  8. All I ever use on fish is cherry wood.
  9. I have a 24' X 28' two stall insulated and rocked with a 45k BTU hot dawg heater. Have had it for years and the heater has been rock solid. It's recommended that you don't over size the heater for the space that you're heating. More for reasons of the heater not running long enough to bring it up to heat and evaporate condensation within the heater. I don't have a floor drain but sure wish I did for the winter time. Squeegee a lot and run a ceiling fan to help eliminate the moisture problem and ice under the doors. I keep mine at about 40 degrees all the time and I figure it costs me about $20-$30/month for natural gas. Your wife will love crawling into a warm vehicle every morning and shouldn't have to sit and let her car idle before backing out in the morning.
  10. loosegoose


    Got some of my seeds from Gurney's today. Can't wait til spring.
  11. Marinade in a teriyaki marinade and grilled on a cedar plank. To die for and even great cold.
  12. Hi Mtn sweet and spicy is a very good seasoning for ground formed venison jerky on the dehydrator. No it is not too spicy, worth a try.
  13. Sounds to me like you were sold a cheap windshield.
  14. Just buy Hi Mountain salmon brine. You can't go wrong.
  15. I have a 9 tray Excalibur and I really like it. Use it for ground formed venison jerky and fruits and vegetables. It is more expensive than the round Nesco's but it is much more superior unit so well worth the money.
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