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  1. Deep

    Smoking bone in country style ribs

    I put season salt on the night be for and that's it. You can season to you taste. Good luck and have fun.
  2. Deep

    I'm going to brag

    Great job, something to be proud of.
  3. Deep

    Smoking bone in country style ribs

    If you are talking country style pork ribs, I do them all the time. I smoke them heavily for 2 hours and finish off with another 2 hours in the smoker or oven set at 200 degrees. Now my new favorite is bone in pork shoulder smoked for 5 hours and then put in oven for another 5 hours, great for pulled pork sandwiches.
  4. Deep

    Any recommendations on Walkie Talkies ?

    Garmin Rihno series, we use them hunting and with gps you can see where the other person is at on the map.
  5. Deep

    typical license question

    http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3020747/License_question#Post3020747 Maybe check with the DNR.
  6. Deep

    Dodge wont stay runnng?

    If your battery voltage drops below aprox. 9.6 volt the IAC memory will be cleared in the computer and will not know what position it is at. It takes alittle run time before it will relearn what its position is. Maybe have you battery load tested also.
  7. Deep

    Transducer Remover

    Just drill another hole and put transducer in that hole, no worries of tangling then.
  8. Deep

    New Portable Recommendations !

    I just bought the Otter Wild Lodge yesterday and put it together in the garage. ALOT bigger than the cabin I had last year, I just hope it is not too big.
  9. Deep

    bringing bow while muzzleloading?

    Not sure if this will help you on your tag question. http://news.dnr.state.mn.us/2012/11/27/d...x-deer-permits/
  10. Deep

    Beeping Collar for Pointing Dogs??

    Go with the beeper.
  11. Deep

    Regulations Question

    You would need to use a bonus permit in the intensive area if you plan on tagging one in the hunters choice area.
  12. Deep

    tempress boat seats

    Great seats and they hold up well.
  13. Deep

    tonneau roll over toppers

    Access covers are really nice and they hold up well too.
  14. Deep

    Spring Turkey hunting license question

    No problem guys. I figure hunting is better later in the season when all the hens are nested up and the toms are still looking to breed
  15. Deep

    Spring Turkey hunting license question

    Yes you can buy a OTC tag if were drawn and choose not to hunt that season. This is what they emailed back. Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:11 PM To: *Info (DNR) Subject: turkey application "If you are drawn and do not purchase the selected license, then you could purchase an E-H license. If you purchase it, then you could not." Good Luck. Kevin Please do not take what is written on here as the regulations, if you have a question go straight to the DNR.