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  1. Good reply Grebe-When I was young, I used to watch deer being transported home on trucks and cars down Hwy. 169 near Anoka. I used to count em all! That's when I knew I wanted to hunt deer. I am very proud to display my non-bloodied, "properly " laid buck on the tailgate of my truck. I also feel it's the best for cooling, and doesn't get road spray. I also love the sight of blaze-orange displayed in vehicles on their trip North. I like the sight of a treestand in the distance as I'm driving up. I like waving to other hunters on the road, thumbs up, if he's got a deer in tow. I, as a deer hunter, respect the deer, the other hunters, and the land we hunt on. People against hunting will always be that way. Fine.I'll hunt with 400,00 in Minnesota, and 650,000 in Wisconsin.
  2. My health is always the best 5 minutes before shooting light opening morning!!! Good luck, hunters!!
  3. Man, what a great addiction!! Bring on opening morning!! Anyone sleepin' tonight????
  4. well said Piker-Only a deer hunter understands pitch dark turning to light on opening morning, followed by the sounds of rustling leaves, then white tip antlers!! I think all hunters need to leave work NOW, due to extreme Buck Fever epidemic!!!
  5. Ya, I know the feeling. I feel like I'm starting the rut, just like a buck! Throwing caution to the wind, driving thru stop signs, being nice to all the ladies, got a silly look on my face. And I've been hunting for over 30 years. I can relate to the apprehension just like everyone else! What a feeling that I hope never goes away!! The countdown is on!
  6. After reading some posts, I'm interested in what you hunters do with your gun while on stand?I hold it ready to shoot at ALL times, with my gun rail coming in handy. Do some guys actually hang your gun on a branch and wait for a deer? And the only food I bring is easy to reach in my top pocket only. I strive to never miss a deer because I'm not shooting ready. Also where is your gun when nature calls and your squating in the woods? Mine is perfectly grabbable leaning on a tree in front of me at arms reach. Has anyone ever shot a deer with his drawers down? I love deer hunting!!
  7. Nice stories, guys. It's only early Sept., and I'm getting the itch to hunt already. Everyone seems to use the party hunt and have worked out their own way to tag deer. We hunt with 10 guys every year and last year one of our "veterans" shot a buck, his first in the last 17 years! He's been with us all 30 years, also. But he has JUST as much fun huntin, without tagging a deer. I think I like these deer hunt stories more than any subject in this forum!!
  8. Blackjack, When I say claiming , I mean legally. No one has the legal right to stake a claim on public land. I understand this. So when a stand is put up, it simply tells me someone wants to hunt there, and I can certainly appreciate that. It actually helps in determining where other hunters will be. I hunt around a lot of other hunters, and use them as wisely as I can to help in deer patterns. Plus I love to talk to other hunters and swap stories!
  9. RicQik, Nobody is "forcing" anyone to hunt elsewhere-Remember, it is public land! I don't get on a bullhorn when I fish a lake like Big Winnie when there is a herd af boats in an area, and tell them to fish eleswhere! I MOVE ON! So what! If putting a stand up before the season really sticks in your craw, then report it to the DNR! Yeah, it may be illegal, but so is 65 in a 60, or 80 in 60 like most cars. I would love for ALL HUNTERS to put their stands up in the pre-dawn darkness everyday, and then count the number of injuries it would create while climbing and assembling! talk about making noise won't disturb the deer? Pre-dawn noise is the worst time to wreak havoc with the deer!
  10. Who in this forum ever "claimed" their area by putting up a stand? I never heard anyone say that!! We all seem to realize that we take a "calculated" chance of putting up stands and finding them empty when we get to them. Your right, nobody has a "right" to reserve public land. And we don't claim to! The astute hunter gets scouting early in the year, finds his "spot", NOT staking a claim, and finds a tree that will likely suit him. Does ANYONE take into consideration that his stand might be found? Of course, so be more diligent in selecting your "area". If I took my kid to a park to play and find the slides and swings full, I'll move on! Find another park! Hunting public land is not rocket science! I'm envious if I come up on a "secret" stand area, only to find it already having a stand there! Somebody beat me to the punch! I'll move on. The guy in this forum that tears down stands? Why? Move on. I don't kick the old man off a public park bench!!
  11. Last year one of the hunters in our group had his best hunts ever! He shot 2 10 pointers and an 8 pointer from the same stand in a 10 minute span! This was on opening morning from 7:15 to 7:25!! Can anyone top this? This was on heavily hunted PUBLIC land, not private, so no private property stories, please! And to think of all the time most spend in the woods looking for a flag!
  12. Why ANYONE would EVER want to hunt in someone elses treestand is beyond me. Again the 99.9% of hunters in this forum probably wouldn't. Who does not like to scout out an area to find his OWN little niche? If you happen to see a stand in a tree and it bothers you so bad that someone doesn't take it down, call the authorities and let them deal with it! I noticed someone saying this topic is getting way out of hand. NONSENSE! If this is what we're passionate about, so be it! I get along with ALL hunters I've come across in more than 30 years. This sport is so "DEER" to us, we love to talk about it.
  13. Dead minnow cather, I agree with you. Nobody "deserves" a stand to be stolen if it's left up. What I may "deserve" is someone else sitting in it opening morning. I'm fully aware when I put up at stand on public land that someone else may locate it and sit in it. FINE! Just don't STEAL it! I"ve also been hunting for 30 years and have NEVER put a stand up where someone will find it. I'm very confident in my location, don't blaze trails to it, stay away from logging roads, and don't advertise my location. But, again, if someone manages to find it and uses it, well too bad for me.I'll take the chance that the 99% of hunters will leave it alone. Yeah, there is low life out there looking for the easy way out and will hunt anywhere. Doesn't anyone like to scout anymore and find there little nook somewhere? I like the comparison to someone leaving their keys in their car and "deserving" to have it stolen! By who? People we look up to? NO, people with no care for their fellow man.
  14. First of all, when I see a deer stand in the woods, I think it's a beauty to behold. I think of the time someone took to scout around the area and pick that tree. I visualize him sitting up there and waiting and waiting for that sighting only a hunter can understand. I have no problem with stands(portable) left up in the woods, and would never think of "invading" that particular area. Though our land is becoming scarce, there still is plenty of woods out there. Half the fun of hunting is scouting a tree stand location. I hope you morons that steal stands would just stay out of the woods and leave it to the ethical hunter. We pick-up your garbage and turn in poachers. A real deer hunter understands values and sportsmanship. My soap box is tipping over so I'll stop! Happy stand hunting everyone!
  15. 10 poyntr

    $2.20 Yikes!

    Well said, Uncle Grump! I said the same thing earlier. Unless driving habits change, I don't want to hear about high gas prices! I paid particular attention today at driving habits. Unbelievable! People are driving faster than ever! It's so funny(sad) to watch a car blow by me when just a block ahead is a light that just turned red. I come crawling up next to him, light turns, and he's off again, only to see him at next light, etc. Most everyone seems to enjoying life while driving fast, wasting gas, only to get home and complain to the wife how much gas was today! People seem to panic and are just desperate to be in "fast lane" and can't wait to pass the next car. Doesn't anyone else feel this way?
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