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  1. I have a 2004 4 stroke bearcat that I am very happy with.
  2. I have owned a FL8, LX5, LX7, and now a FLX28. I bought the 28, because I had a few issues with the 7. I had to send it in a couple times for issues with the board and the ducer. If I fished on foot or out of the pickup all the time I'd have stuck with the 7, but it doesn't seem to holdup riding in the tote on the back of the snowmobile. I still have my LX5 and I have been very happy with it. My girl friend uses it when we go fishing. I would have purchased a new M5 over the FL28, but it doesn't have the auto depth feature and a digital display of the depth. I rea
  3. Check striker's page. They have some of last years stuff onsale.
  4. If you fish outside look for a noodle rod with larger guides. I broke several JM Meatsticks do to ice building up on the top guide. I bought a DH Aldente with fly guides and have had no issues, getting fly guides was way cheaper than REC guides. I think it was $60 for the rod.
  5. Fishing Derby is Saturday. Reminder, the poster says no vehicles on the ice after 11:30. We will allow atvs, utvs, and snowmobiles to remain parked on the ice, but there will be absolutely no driving them during tournament hours or you will be disqualified from the tournament. That means no driving them to bring in fish, run to the bathrooms, or to go up to the bar. *Official Tournament Vehicles Excluded*
  6. An Otter Monster Box would give you tons of storage and is shaped so you can have a passenger still.
  7. I had reasonable luck emailing. Typically 24hrs.
  8. I have heard nothing, but good things about the Z71. It is heavy, but tons of power. I drilled a few holes with a 51 and had good power.
  9. This is a good one. LakeMaster Paper Map
  10. St. Croix is nice. Thorne Bros makes a nice one as well.
  11. What was the problem with the Eskimo propane?
  12. How old is the battery? Did you take care of it in the off season? Are you storing it some where cold? If the battery like was good last year and isn't this year it's the battery. My battery (9 amp hour) is on year 2 and last at least 11 hrs. I typically replace batteries every other year.
  13. Sculpin, I think they try to keep houses on fish, but with perch it's really tough. I've been in areas that the perch are biting close to Woodland and you will see them moving in houses, but perch seem to move or the school shuts down. The shallow houses are generally on a decent walleye bite. I had a buddy take his wife up last year and fished out of there houses. It was nice out and slow in the house so he drilled a few holes within 50 yards of the house and caught his limit of perch quickly.
  14. So if you can't keep multiple big fish you don't want to come to Devils? I suggested just changing to 1 over 20 inches. I can't imagine how 5 walleyes aren't enough for a person. I just get sick of watching the slobs in the spring take limits of big eyes from Devils and rivers.
  15. Maybe they are waiting for you to follow the instructions on their site I posted. From their support page: http://marcum.com/support/ Service If you need service, it is very important that you first obtain a Return Authorization Number. This enables us to track all items that arrive at and leave our location. We do our best to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner, and we are in the office Monday through Friday, 8 – 4 Central Time. Our toll free number is 888-778-1208, if we are unable to answer, please leave a brief message. To obtain a Return Authorization number, fill out the
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