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  1. I called DNR about that 2 or 3 years ago... If the animal is all eaten up its just like walking up on a pair of sheds, you dont need a tag.
  2. Can a bear that size still get up a tree? What would a bear that size weigh?
  3. Thanks for all of the help.
  4. My wife and I have a 5 month old lab that runs after small children in a very aggressive way. He also some times does this to his sister playing fetch. She is much faster than him so he goes after her legs to slow her down. We are looking for any help to fix this huge problem. Thanks!
  5. I have seen them all over. They are spendy but very worth it. Smart wool is now making long johns too. almost 80 bucks a layer but if they every go on blow out id like to try em.
  6. As far as activity goes in northern Mn, my uncle saw 3 bucks the other morning, two of them locked up and a third a little ways away watching.
  7. I also tried Power Scrape last season and did not have any luck. I say spend the extra 10 bucks and get the active scrape dripper. I have 4 of them and have had tons of activity because of them. just my opinion...
  8. We use a large snips to make all our straight cuts. For cutting a window cut or around a box we make our lines and use a utility knife. you could just use a snips for everything but a knife is just faster for longer cuts. Just make sure your factory edges overlap your cuts so you get a nice straight line.
  9. One other thing is with vinyl siding you want to make sure that you have about a 1/4 inch between the siding and your corners, windows, doors.... you really want all your pieces to have room to flex. good luck
  10. Here is a photo taken last fall on the same farm as where the camera is now to compare to. Im guessing this to be a 2 yr old deer. The photos are taken in the North Branch area. I know the area has some great genes but I still find it hard to think that is a 2 year old buck in the first set of photos. Thanks for the input. Id love to see him next year but he looks so good this year....
  11. Is this a nice 3 year old or is he older?
  12. I walked into a very popular archery store last fall looking for some rage broadheads and was shocked when I was told they dont have them because they dont always open... Now I know you dont know till you try em but that kind of turned me off the idea of getting a pack.
  13. Checked my camera today and had over 200 pictures on it. Have 2 does and 2 fawns that visit daily...Now only if some bucks would do that.
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