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  1. I think this is the first time in my life that I was there "yesterday."
  2. We were fishing south of you. We stayed north of the Bank Reef to avoid boats. We also had lots of baitfish on the graph, but didn't mark a ton of individual fish. Our best action was 60-80 fow and about 2.4 mph gps. Dipsys set on 2.5 - 3 with 110-130 feet of line on counter and flasher flies were hot at times. It seemed when the flasher fly bite slowed, spoons on riggers down 40-50' turned on. Our leadcore/planer bite was fairly slow until the last morning, when our 10 color rod lit up. Moonshine RV Magnum Flounder Pounder was by far our best spoon. Best flasher fly was a Pro King fla
  3. That's too bad. The fish were ON FIRE up there. I went out with my dad and uncle with our tiller walleye boat, and hardly a clue what we were doing, and we crushed them! Ended up with 118 pounds of packaged salmon fillets. I think I can honestly say it was the most fun fishing trip I've had in my life. Here's my biggest of the trip, 25 pounds.
  4. I was successful in getting the point I applied for. That's 3 preference points for me, but no plans on bear hunting in the near future. When I finally decide to give it a shot, drawing a tag shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Fishalittle, It seems simple (and should be) but it isn't. The problem is that many of the attendees do not register ahead of time. For our banquet (which was a blast and a success) we had 70 people register ahead of time and about 115 showed up for it. About 75% of those that did register in advance did so the last 3 days before the banquet. We had to confirm meals and attendance no later than 1 week in advance with the venue. We get charged for any meals that are not served. At $25-$35/meal this gets expensive fast if we are wrong! So, we have to try to guess how many people are
  6. Follow the link below to sign up for this event! If you are looking for an excuse to enjoy a prime rib dinner and a chance to win some great prizes, their is no better excuse than doing it for conservation! RMEF Banquet Online Tickets We did scrap the chicken dinner and will only be serving prime rib now, due to the difficulty in deciding how much of each we would need to serve.
  7. Awesome story, Scoot! Congrats to Ryan and yourself on a great trip! There is a Minnesota bird somewhere with Ryan's name on it, I know it! With any luck it will be on our trip and he can finally get his chance to fish for trout!
  8. Ha ha!! Good point Scoot! Best case scenario is we spend 10 days in the mountains filling three elk tags with our bows and then fill our antelope tags in 4 days on the way back! What fun would it be to fill out in 5 days and have to go back to work right away??
  9. As anticipated, my group drew their Wyoming elk tags. It's going to be an eye opener getting back in the those "real" mountains compared to New Mexico the last two years. I need to start hitting the gym right now! If all goes well, we'll be doing 10 days of archery and 4 days of rifle. That's best-case scenario and hopefully it works out. I can't wait to start chasing bugles again!
  10. Hi everyone, A small group of elk hunters from the south metro (including myself and LipRipperGuy) have been meeting for the last few months and are excited to announce the formation of the "South of the River" chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. We will be holding our inaugural banquet on Friday, April 15th at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake. The night will be filled with great food, drinks, and company. We'll have door prizes, raffles, and auctions (both live and silent) for a variety of merchandise and guns, all in the name of conservation. I'd love to
  11. I couldn't give you the unit we hunted, that would be too easy!! The link Siwulat posted is excellent. Click on the units and look for the ones with 100% draw odds with 0 points. Then look at the maps for the yellow and blue areas that show public land. Keep in mind a lot of that public land is off limits if it doesn't have a county maintained road going through it. You can call the county and see if they can send you an overlay of their maintained roads for Google Earth. With this info you can make an informed decision. I think you've got a few months so you should have plen
  12. Don, I'm not sure if you are aware, but there was a major change in the Arizona draw this year. Units that use to be a lock with 8 points may very well take many more for a guaranteed tag now. On the flip side your chances of drawing a random tag without a ton of points is going to go up. If I were you, I would apply any and every year from here on out because that 8 point unit could turn into a 12 point unit real quick. Even if you don't really want to draw, put in an application for one of the best units. It doesn't cost anymore and at least you have a chance. Just my opinion, and only
  13. Knock it off Scoot! I've got a tropical vacation, perch fishing, and a lake trout trip coming up, I can't be thinking about turkeys just yet! I was filling the softener with salt on Monday and my decoy caught my eye. It gave me a funny feeling in my stomach. Hopefully the turkeys will cooperate on our trip this year!
  14. You can definitely have a fun hunt in Wyoming with zero antelope points. Your most important tool will be a GPS with a land ownership chip. I think you'll also have a better experience if you wait for a couple of weeks after the opener. The locals will be hunting deer and elk by then and, if you are willing to hike, you should be able to find plenty of animals to chase without competition. We went out there last year just to give it a try, and I think it will turn into an annual hunt. It's just too much fun and they just taste too darn good to not do it.
  15. Well, tag application season has started, and I'm already pulling my hair out trying to decide where to hunt this fall! There are only two things I know for certain. 1. I will be heading to Wyoming for another antelope hunt 2. I will be elk hunting somewhere Right now I'm trying to decide if I should apply for a guaranteed elk tag in Wyoming, or hold out and continue to build points in that state. Going for the tag would assure me a fun hunt that could likely involve a week of bowhunting followed by a few days of rifle hunting. I know we'd get into elk and have a great time.
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