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  1. I am in.....at least I will have something to surpress my spring fever....and it is only early February!!!!
  2. flouro--worm/senko, jig, cranks,drop shot (spinning gear no leader), jerkbaits, traps for smallies braid--baitcast drop shot w/ flouro leader, slop fishing, traps for large mouth, jigs in heavy cover mono---topwater, spinnerbaits this is how I set my stuff up!!! fisher98
  3. I am in......i beat myself up all winter long after my runner-up performance last year. I have been working out and putting extra time in to better myself for the 2009 season....watch out boys!!!! fisher1998
  4. I got my spinnerbaits too!!!! I can't wait for the new season to start...cabin fever has definately set in. Keep us updated as to when we can join the FM group for the league this year. Thanks again for the prizes! fisher98
  5. I didn't make it out there this past weekend...it was too warm, and the forcast was for some good steady winds. So i ended up staying in the metro and got 8 hours of fishing close to home. I am now planning on heading out there for the 1st weekend in October. fisher98
  6. Has anyone been on Green Lake in Spicer, MN recently chasing the Smallies around?? I am planning on getting out there this coming sunday, and want to know if anyone has found the fishing worthwhile or not!! Any reports on depth, patterns, water temp, etc, would be awesome!! thanks- fisher1998
  7. I will be heading out there sometime this year...maybe even for the Bass opener. It is a fun lake with some really nice fish in it. I also enjoyed fishing in in late September or early October, the Smallies put the feed bag on hard-core!! fisher98
  8. For shallow cranks I believe that the Baby 1-minus is probably one of the best shallow cranks out there. I have been using these baits for years and have caught a lot of big fish. They have recently come out with some new colors that i am very excited to use. I have also found that these shallow cranks work just as well with smallies. My 2 cents!! fisher98
  9. fisher98

    wisc. bass

    Long Lake in Centuria is loaded with nice fish. I have fished this lake a ton and have caught some monsters!! Early on the season you want to fish the Western-most side of the lake. There is a huge shallow flat that the fish migrate up on. I would start there!! If you want more info shoot me an e-mail. fisher98
  10. I plan on coming up Sunday morning to chase some Smallies around. Does anyone have any recent rports on lake water level or even temp??? If anyone is up there on Sunday the 6th I will be in a red and black Fisher FX 21 and my brother will be in a Tourquoise 18ft Javelin!!! Say HI!!! fisher 98
  11. Primetime-- are there still spots on the Bass side open.....where can I get details??? I want to fish it if there are openings!!! fisher98
  12. Bobby-- Yes Lindsey's husband .....I will shoot you an email soon!!! Jeremie
  13. Bobby-- What are the ABA's like??? I am looking to fish some Sunday tournies and I noticed that there are quite a few around the metro area...how many boats??? what is your take and are there still openings?? I met you at the only Fishers of Men MN East tourney at the registration...you went to SSP with my wife!! shoot me an email!! fisher98
  14. Central Bassman-- Thanks for the info.....are their tournaments all listed on Classic Bass??? What are their tournaments like?? How many boats??? ETC..... thanks for your input!! fisher1998
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