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  1. I have a 55 Johnson 10hp and an 59 Evinrude 3hp. Both run well and are used every year. I feel like a time traveler when I backtroll with them !
  2. If you're in to fishing weeds Deer might have you frustrated. Not much out there compared to other area lakes. There's plenty of rocks to fish around, though !
  3. I had something similar a few years ago. In my case the wires that control the tilt had gotten cut at the pivot point where they enter the throttle control.
  4. My guess is that your buddies have "no feedback" steering and you don't (it's got nothing to do with hydraulic steering). With "no feedback" steering you can turn the motor with the steering wheel but not vice-versa. Can you turn the steering wheel by pushing on the motor ?
  5. I had a 90hp Nissan for 3 years. Bought it used. Never had a single problem. I believe it is a rebadged Tohatsu. The dealer pool is a little shallow so that might be an issue for you.
  6. One evening, as an experiment, I kept going around the same small mid-lake hump with the same bait. On the 4th time around I raised 3 fish. Sun, moon, tides ? I don't have enough experience to convince myself of one or the other but they sure are synchronized to something.
  7. Portable bow/stern lights if you're going to be out in the dark.
  8. I have an old Johnson 10hp that would "clunk" when under full throttle. Sounded/felt like someone hit the bottom of the boat with a mallet. Turned out to be the clutch dogs, as earlier stated.
  9. Both of my fish on the same pink double 10 this past weekend in Itasca County.
  10. It's a little far for you but there's a place in Northfield - Boat Motor Repair (or something like that) - that does old motor restorations.
  11. There is a difference between 2 cycle oil for air-cooled vs water-cooled engines. That pretty much exhausts my expertise in the matter, however
  12. jtroop

    Fishing Barometer

    Maybe more than you're looking for but the Lowrance iFinder ExpeditionC has a barometer built in.
  13. I was told it was to counteract prop torque. If you look at a boat from the rear the prop usually has RH rotation - causing the boat to "rotate" left.
  14. Being more specific - remember to think about what you do while you're fishing. For example, the gunwale to deck transition on some boats makes it difficult to get close enough to the water to make a comfortable figure 8.
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