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  1. Went out and right of the beach this mornin with 3 buddies. Bout 20 white, 12 yellows and 2 short eyes between us when I left at 1. great ice for the most part, drilling 6-8 solid black in most spots but I did find 1 area that was only 3-4 of white dump. Freaked me out havin that under all the snow.. Great time with great freinds..
  2. not sure if anyone is readin this stuff but heres the weekend report short and sweet.. Fished the big O with doug, scout, sammy and pj. several short eyes and a few keepers between us. Some got a few perch too. I return to the beach sunday with abuddy and fished the same general area to land 2 hog perch both pushin 14" and a couple round 10-11". 1 short eye and that was our day.. iceman out..
  3. Fished tusc this past sat. marked few and caught 2. 9.5 sunny and a dink perch. Ice was lookin and feelin pretty shady when I came off the ice at noon. Just waitin for more cold which is right around the corner hopefully..
  4. Fished my usual haunt to the south saturday am with doug and a few others. Ice was (ok) decent but could def use more for next time. Moved once and sat on fish on and off all mornin. Caught 16 most in the 10-12 range with only 2 about 6". All but the first big male went back down the hole since i used a critical part of its anatamy for bait to catch the rest. Great to get out again... Lets hope the warm up is the prelude to an arctic blast!!!
  5. yes sir I am. seems everything has taken a back seat to work and family as of late. Not complainin bout the family in any way but between my regular job and the DJ jobs I think we were busy everyweekend last summer. how ya been?
  6. SO......... Deer seasons over. The christmas thing is done... Can we please have some ice this year???
  7. Hey everybody. Hope the last few months have treated everyone well. Been real busy round here. Tryin to pay the bills and keep the family fed has taken presidence over all things fun lately but finally got out on the ice last Sunday over at Tusc. Fished off of Funk with a buddy Thru 3-5" of good black with a little white on top. Managed 6 Big perch and a bunch of throw backs with a surprise 18" eye for momma and the kid to munch on. Lookin to get out Tmro for another bit of peace and quiet. Cali
  8. Ok Ive been waitin to get these pics from my buddy cause I couldnt tell the story without the pics. Opening morning of Waldo season. 345 am hit the canal and thru everything at em til day light and no luck. Headed to our family spot on fish creek bout 630. Hooked and lost 3 fish in the first hour. A couple keeper eyes were landed by our clan by about 8:30. Round 830 im working a custom made perch pattern jig along bottom and the rod loads up. I give it the ol Bill Dance hook set and the battle begins.. "This is big" I say to my buddy Scott as the drag is spinnin. Bout 10 mins in, someone says its a carp. Nope, it aint runnin like a carp, maybe its a big ol cat fish, my Uncle says. Im not feeling the catfish shake on this one i reply. After about 30mins we get a look at the tail. Hmm thats a funny looking tail. Kinda looks like a sharks tail, its gotta wierd fork in it. After an hour and 15 minutes of gainin 20 feet of line and then loosein 20 yards of line, I was spent!!! So I cranked the drag down and decided that your either gonna let me land you or ull break me off. Ive had enough... the battle was an hour and a half and the result....... Yes it was a sturgon. In the short time it was out of the water, (bout 1 minute total) we estimated it between 40-50lbs and every bit of 48" I had snagged it in the side just below the rear fin in front of the tail. An amazing adventure and an awsome creature..
  9. Finally hit Oneida creek in Munnsville this morning. After breakin the bail on my good ultra light i was able to put a couple 12-14" on the bank. My buddy Scott had the magic lure as he caught about 12 rangeing from 8-14". Great mornin to be out enjoying nature. Might do it again tmro...
  10. Great fish Jay and Tank. Was planning on going to the local stream after work but as luck would have it I ended up still at work at 5pm waitin on a southern bound truck. Maybe this weekend..
  11. Fished Erieville today. was on fish right from the git go. lots of small ones and a few dandy perch. threw everything but the kitchen sink at em but the tip ups took the bigger fish. 2 big females 13 and a touch smaller and a male just shy of the smaller feather wise too.emale. kinda tough walkin out there with 8-12" of packy snow to trudge thru. Was a nice day w
  12. Got out on Oneida again today. fished larkin via private access. Marked very few fish and caught even less. Ended the morning with 2 eyes at about 10" each and 1 perch at about 3". Probly headin to erieville in the am..
  13. Lookin to get out this weekend. Im really hopin to find some perch. Freezer is bare and I cant seem to land on a decent catch this year. Looked at my journal from last year and noticed that this time last year I had logged 37 trips out on the ice compared to 12 as of today . things need to change. Gotta try some different areas I guess..
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