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  1. Any inside spots open, 16.5 alumacraft w/ trailer = 20.5' overall length. Thanks jbjr1
  2. I bought the stand, waited 5 months for it to arrive, opened the package, parts missing, phoned company returned package same day, waited 5 months for credit to be recieved, after numerous phone calls and no returned calls. ended up with a partial credit. = bad experience
  3. I have shot 125's with graphite or aluminum with the best results at deer size game. I think the gain in kinetic energy from a little more weight is important for the best penetration. jbjr
  4. jbjr

    Bois Brule campsite?

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  5. camp sites still have the 90 day window rule for reservations. Lodging areas have a one year / 365 day window. jb
  6. New stand location set up Friday afternoon over a fresh scrape. date = Saturday October 15,2005, 8 pointer, time = 7:45 am, where= Rice county, MN
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