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  1. Budweiser point is an excellent starting spot! Glad to hear of some action lately. And RockinHerda, we both know the action is better with Budweiser's!
  2. Hey guys, I'm heading out with a group to try our best next week. If anyone has any current info or insight on fishing or driving it would be greatly appreciated. This is year three for me with this group and our success is usually pretty decent, but I'm always looking to share some info. Also if anyone else is fishing out there next week shoot me a PM and maybe we can stay in contact and help everybody out, Thanks
  3. I'm heading to Devil's Lake on the 4th with a large group of guys and we're looking to do some rigging for pike. We have used frozen herring or ciscos in the past, as all bait must be dead except fathead/crappie minnows. We're having trouble lining up our bait situation before the trip and I'm wondering where other guys are picking up their bait and what is available. Looking for 8-12 dozen frozen baits, herring/ciscos/smelt or something similar. We're leaving from the metro and taking 94 out of state, anything along that path would be helpful, thanks!
  4. I shoot the HHA Optimizer 1 pin adjustable sight and love it, I'm consistently putting closer groups on target, from farther ranges. I also love viewing the same sight picture every time I shoot, instead of looking through different pins that can obstruct viewing.
  5. Have been getting a few bass shallow on wacky style senkos and some square bill cranks. Also have had quite a few blow ups on frogs in the last week or two. Love the topwater!
  6. Another solid video! Looks like a great trip!
  7. Great info Jeremy! I'm still waiting to get out on a night shoot with ya;) Seems like we only run into eachother on the ice!
  8. Any guy with a perm house, who thinks he doesn't need one of these, clearly is misinformed. Anyone who sees this tool in action will immediately understand the effectiveness and time saving capabilities. I cleared 4 holes faster than my partner could fill one bucket of slush from the 5th...and he still had two buckets of slush left with 35" of ice. And all of this while keeping the floor dry from not having to flush out the holes with the auger.
  9. I just bought one yesterday, this product is legit! Cleared 5 holes in roughly a minute!
  10. no bait nate


    Put Goodyear DuraTracs on my 1500 Chevy this year and couldn't be happier. Great in the snow and on the ice, little to no road noise for an off road tire. I put the stock size tire on there 265/70 instead of up sizing and and glad, these tires are so great I don't think there is any need to go bigger either.
  11. I fished Devil's last April for my first time. I went with a large group of guys that had been going for years. They were all using hali lures with the 2-3" chain droppers on them. They put lots of fish on the ice, and all swore you needed a dropper rig to pull some perch there. I used buckshot spoons, flyer spoons, and different tungsten jigs and also put more than my share of fish on the ice. I liked the buckshot spoons the best because it's my go-to lure but it seemed like everything was working for me. We were all tipping the lures with either minnow heads or spikes. Good luck and have fun, it is an awesome fishery!
  12. I am partial to customs but I have heard great things about the new Genz series rods. Meatsticks have also been a longtime favorite of my friends. That said the only shelf rod I own is a 13 fishing...
  13. Harvey has good advice, I follow the same process, and fuel ratio choice, and have virtually no problems. Prime 5-6 times, then choke for two pulls, turn choke off and it goes on number three. I'm still young so pulling 3-4 times to start the motor is no big deal....great auger fishing into it's 3rd season, for me
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