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  1. Looks great. Headed up Thursday. Anyone know how the route into Whitefish is? Would love to spend a day chasing trout.
  2. 3" and 4" Gulp Alive minnow is all I use up there for the past 3 years. They work great and I can easily out fish the others that are using live bait because I don't have to re-bait after every bite or fish catch. Usually can catch at least 10 per minnow.
  3. Got back last night from an epic trip to God's country. Travel on the lake was a breeze with wheelers. A little rough in some spots and you can see where it was a real mess the week before but we had no issues. Traveled to Whitefish for trout and then the Morson/Sabaskong area for crappies and walleyes. Had good luck for trout in about 45 feet. Caught 7 with the biggest a 38". All others 27"-32". Had some of the best crappie fishing I've ever had too and had a fun evening with some real nice size walleyes.
  4. Robert, What do you think about getting into WFB from Morson this coming weekend?
  5. Thanks Robert. Planning to come up next week but want to keep a close eye on the lake conditions so we know what mode of transportation will be the best bet.
  6. I'm supposed to go up next week Thursday to Sunday and would be quite interested to hear how conditions are for you this weekend, Ducks. Getting a little worried, especially about making the run to WFB for trout.
  7. If people are still wondering about getting into Canada with 1 DUI- a guy that used to go on our annual trips to Canada stopped going after getting a DUI about 8 years ago. When Canada revised the law to allow one time offenders into the country on a trial basis he started going on the trips again with us. He has now crossed the border in both Warroad and Baudette multiple times and not had any issues. In fact he is up there right now. Hope that helps.
  8. We fished Thursday to Saturday. Had a great time and got on some fish. Caught trout, whitefish, walleyes, tullibee and even found a new crappie spot. Travel on the lake was good but hole drilling was a lot of work in the spots with slush.
  9. Anyone run up to WFB this weekend? Headed up Thursday and wondering how the conditions are.
  10. Well our New Years trip was quite an adventure. Very cold temps, lots of snow and not a very good bite. We got the heat on in the cabin on Wed then headed out for the walleye bite. Temp was -20 but no wind. Caught a few for dinner but most were small. Next day woke to -40 and waited till it warmed up to -20 at noon to head out. Decided not to go to WFB in that cold and fished walleyes close by again. Pretty slow bite and lot of small fish. Finally Friday we headed to WFB. It was snowing pretty good and windy but finally got to 0. Ride to portage was good but then we got to Turtle Lake and the
  11. We are going through Baudette heads up New Years Day. Thanks for the info.
  12. Nice report. Thanks for posting. Where did you get the live bait?
  13. I don't know how the coverage areas compare exactly but I have the Navionics Gold chip and it covers the whole lake very well.
  14. Talked to my Dad who was up to the cabin and he said the opposite. Found big females on the south facing sand beaches in 4-6 FOW. Not a ton of fish but the ones he caught were good size.
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