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  1. has lots filters and options...make sure to load free option and not upgrade...can get expensive
  2. loaded a new app on my cell fun to edit photos.
  3. LHarris

    Stream Therapy

    first weekend of january
  4. A Door To The Past This spring Gary Peters and I took out a camera crew from Discover Wisconsin to chase trout. I got to Gary's house early and we talked a while. Gary was sporting a very unique flannel shirt. He told me he was gifted it by a friend. It was a vintage Woolrich Chamois Flannel. I admired it and asked what size it was. I felt it and was impressed by the thickness and how supple it was. He guessed it was about 35 years old. Gary's vintage shirt was what stuck with me the most from the outing. I could not put my finger on what it was. I decided I must f
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