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  1. use your imagination can you see the prehistoric jungle and dinosaur remains?
  2. LHarris


    peaceful in the Wisconsin driftless escape to Wisconsin
  3. LHarris

    Trout Photo Gallery

    friend Stace before all of this insane weather buddy Bruce Ristow we scored 92 trout that afternoon... this was the biggest
  4. LHarris

    Trout Photo Gallery

    smile for the camera
  5. use the right tool for the job.
  6. small lures with tiny trebles bounce off of iron jawed monsters. leave the size 4s and 2s at home.
  7. deep water throw a second smallest zip lure. a countdown in natural colors works too. husky jerks can work well too no swivel needed with power pro. if use mono check for line cuts when panthers flip over line. panthers out fish all other spinners. 55 years using them. If you are offended by the blood in the photo you picked the wrong sport. Even tiny flies can cause trout to bleed. This trout was harvested by person who caught it.
  8. buy a medium action 6 foot spinning rod...put 8 pound power pro on it. Buy a truck load of panther martins in deluxe gold in size 9 and size 9 panthers yellow body red spots and silver blade. Purchase a big net and share photos. Fish 400 yards below manicured areas in the down trees and cut corners. Expect to lose lots of spinners. don't shoot photos with identifiable land marks in photos and turn off the GPS function on your cellphone or camera.
  9. LHarris

    The Fog

    I have always been fascinated by fog. So much so I even took the time to look up the meteorological definition. So here it is. Fog consists of visible cloud water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the earth's surface. Fog can be considered a type of low-lying cloud and is heavily influenced by nearby bodies of water, hills,valleys, (trout) and wind conditions. My father laid the groundwork for my obsession with the mystical phenomenon. He equated fog to excellent fishing. We hurried many days to trout streams before the fog could burn off. Some of my best trout success was when you could barely see 10 yards in front of you. Later in life I learned trout have no eye lids and shun sunlight. The trout felt safe to feed in low light conditions. My life changed in the fall of 1967. My father left this earth. He went to fish in the clouds. Fog is described as low lying clouds. When you speak of heaven you always point upward. You always hear that heaven will be your happy place. My dad's favorite place was on a trout stream during the foggiest conditions possible with a fishing rod in his hand. There are days now that I fish during foggy mornings. I am always sad when the fog burns off. It is like my dad leaving. I know he will return again soon so I have something to look forward to. When a father leaves a child at such an early age the kid grasps at anything to remember their father. Childhood turns into adulthood. Your fondest memories are not forgotten. Many times they are reinforced through the years. I for one can feel my dad on stream during the early mornings when the fog is hanging low. When the heavens are at ground level. Call me an old daft fool if you want but I still feel his presence every time I fish on a foggy morning.
  10. LHarris


    I have fished this stretch for over 20 years and had never seen this magnificent rock draw. Other years the leaves obscured my field of vision. It appeared to be one solid rock ledge that was impregnable. Recently I fished the stretch in the dead of winter and this virtual "road not taken" was almost magically there before me. There it was on the other side of the waterway. I sat down on the stream bank for a good long while and admired the steps that father time had cut in the rock ledge with the help of mother nature. I was fairly certain that this path to the future and the past had never been traveled before by any human due it being so far back in the middle of nowhere. It was a true metaphor of life there before me. I had walked by this exact spot 100 times in the last 20 years and had not seen this wonder that time had created. The snow was drifted there and the path still looked precarious. The stream was deep and I would have had to walk back down stream quite a ways to get to the other side. The rock ledge down stream was closer to the water and made the trek across a swim not a wade. This made the crossing impossible that cold dark winter day. I sat there and thought about life and its detours and wrong turns. I took this picture and went on my way fishing. As I fished upstream I was a bit melancholy that I was unable to at least walk to the head of the draw and look over the summit into eternity. I thought about revisiting this place on a warmer day and take my chances and see what was on the other side. I looked back down stream to the place in the snow that I had sat on the bank for such a long time. Today was a fine day to keep fishing. I decided to not look back and continue forward not back. My sadness was replaced with a smile and on I trekked.
  11. I am the diamond glints in snow, I am the fog lifting in the early morn, I am the kaleidoscope of fall's first breath, I am the purr of my old gray cat, I am a warm cleansing spring rain, I am the sun setting on a fine day, I am the memories of who came before, I will never leave.
  12. LHarris


    Many folks don't know what it means. It means lack of debris left after a glacier flattens your landscape.
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