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  1. LHarris

    Eye Candy

    My home waters
  2. pics art ...says FREE trial....have had it for over a year.
  3. will be replacing shimano stradic
  4. For small stream trout that can take abuse?
  5. ordered a Daiwa Ballistic 3000 to go on my new St Croix avid. The 2500 series little too small for me. I am Daiwa all the time for trout these days. Retired my last Shimano reel.
  6. LHarris

    My Book Of Life

    I have fished this stretch for what seems forever. Two hundred yards downstream I caught my first trout at age five. I am certain that I was given one of my lessons on stream by my father on this stretch. He typically gave a "what is that" speech at least once during an outing. The lessons varied from what kind of tree or wildflower was streamside to being a good steward of the outdoors. His lessons taught me to love the places trout lived. He held them in high regard, They were almost holy places to him. He was not a religious person. When he spoke on stream it seemed like a sermon al
  7. The camera gets turned toward me ever so often
  8. About 20 years ago my homewaters "Wisconsin Driftless" were teaming with brook trout. If you fished hard for an entire day you could land over 150 brook trout. Not all of them were tiny. Back in the good old days I averaged 100 brook trout a morning. My go to lure was a size six Panther Martin Fly Pattern. Gold body and blade with an orange tail with a tuft of black in the tail. About 15 years ago that changed. The numbers turn a dramatic turn downward. This event seems like a dejavu happening from 50 years ago. I remember anglers scratching their heads back then and trying t
  9. wife hikes a lot and drags me along often....really weird being close to water without a rod in my hand.
  10. Wife and I pointed the Jeep northward and saw sights.
  11. has lots filters and options...make sure to load free option and not upgrade...can get expensive
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