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  1. Have decided to minimize my internet time. All you guys have a fun life. I'm on Facebook if you ever want to yak bye-bye.
  2. Went out for a couple hours landed a dozen
  3. The view from Blackbird Rock Kickapoo Valley Reserve.
  4. over dressed yesterday...6 littles only
  5. The knots on old style nets can remove the slime coat from a trout when you're netted but the ghost nets can also. I think it's just a new thing and I was influenced. I wanted a different kind of net made of a different kind of wood but now it's nothing but an ornament and a waste of money.
  6. Had a fancy lacewood net made for me with a ghost bag in black and the first tree that I got snarled up in part of the bag tore. I retired it the same day and have been staring at it for a year in my closet. I tried to fix it with some power pro it looked terrible. Something that I spent so much on shouldn't tear on the first thing that I catch it in. Is it hard to rebag a net? The one on the left. the only reason I purchased it was because of peer pressure folks telling me my net causes too much damage to the trout.
  7. My first time I met the dogs I talked to their dad and he told me their names were Stinky and Dottie. When I went to the house to meet their mom I made the mistake of calling the one dog stinky. Her husband smiled and told me that her real name was Megan and that their mom did not like him calling her stinky. She told me that the dog had such a beautiful name and it was called Megan. Yesterday when the dogs met me at the car I went down on my knee and called them and they both came up to me and I patted them. I smirked and thought about their dad and
  8. Yesterday I was up early at about 5:00 sitting in my recliner in the dark and thinking about the year that had passed. I thought about all the people that had gone away in 2020 and the couple that left in late 2019. I remember visiting a couple in the middle of December last year and at the end of our visit they revealed to me that the husband had cancer and he was terminal. I have visited the wife in 2020 a couple times and she seemed to be doing well on her own. It was obvious to me she valued her independence and was still doing well so it was really hard to feel sorry for her w
  9. Lots of butter with old Bay and chopped garlic added about three cups of liquid combination. The seafood has some in liquid inside also. I pre-cooked the scallops to make sure they're done. Have made it a couple different times it turns out pretty well with lots of leftovers. I left the tails on the large shrimp purposely for something to hang on to when you need them..... I got this recipe into a magazine once.
  10. I definitely take pictures all the time mike only thing that might hold me up is being old and my artificial left knee and surgically repaired right knee and back fusion.
  11. Week and a half away until Wisconsin opener. I will do trip reports under this thread. Feel free to comment and add your trout adventures.
  12. Mike I've been reminded why I left for a while and didn't post my pictures in here. I believe a permanent hiatus is in order. I'm easy enough to find. Tight lines to all the trout anglers.
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