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  1. Thanks for the replys. I have checked HSOList no luck so far, some there but very $$. I have used all the normal glow lights and they do work, but after fishing with a freind with the camera flash I decided I needed one of those! No comparison in brightness and lenght of glow time. I beleive he got his at a pawn shop for about $35.
  2. I 'm looking for some advice on a rechargeable/battery flash that I could use for glowing ice fishing lures. Don't know anything about cameras/flashes, but i do know they will charge up the lures much better than the little things you get at the sporting good stores for that. Anything reccomended, used equipment sites, etc. In-expensive if possible. Thanks for any input, Moose
  3. Hey Tom, Very funny stuff! I'd carefull about letting this guy (Jon)fish with you, he's just out to get you to refinance that cabin. Hey Jon, just kidding. Serously this guy (Jon) knows the mortgage world in-side and out. Us old frogtowners need to stick together! It would fun to get myself, Tim Rein, Mark Carlson, etc. up there to have you put us on a few monsters. By the way how long would it take to get a monster? Moose,(Greg Ellingson) P.S.Anyone want to but a house in Woodbury?
  4. Just curious? Have any of you experence the weld breaking on these brackets. I've broken two of them. I do go 240Lbs, but thought they should be built for that? Thought about calling Otter to get them replaced. Not sure if they will? Moose
  5. sponsors-ML-669985-ML- Moved to Sponsor Showcase Forum.
  6. I just wanted to let everyone know what exceptional service I have received from Jon. I recently closed on a new home that couldn’t have gone better. My situation was a rather complicated one in which I had numerous concerns and questions. Jon always responded quickly and clearly to all my requests. He has a vast knowledge of the mortgage industry and comes highly recommended by myself. He also clams to have some knowledge in muskie fishing? Greg
  7. SOLD IT ALL SATURDAY•Lowrance Global Map 2400, antenna, all wiring (has MMC chip slot) works great. New $398, sell for $175, with MMC chip (below) $200 •Navionics® HotMaps™ Software, Classic, MMC chip, Mid-west, 1000 lakes, new $129, sell for $50. •Lowrance Global Map 100 with R-A-M holder, 12v power cord. Works great, sell for $75. •R-A-M Swing Arm Electronics Mount, never used, new $69, sell for $35. •Cabela’s Hydro-Troll trolling plate, used twice, new $99, sell for $45. •Cabela’s retractable/removable trolling motor bracket. Fits Minn-Kota, Auto Pilot & all Power Drive units. Never used, new $40, sell for $25. Buyers to pay any shipping incured.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has fished this lake and would have any info. for me. I'll be up there the 1st or 2nd week in June05. My main target would be walleye's. Does anyone know if theres a lake map available ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. A lot of good information, thank you! I think its safe to say that saving data to MMC card out of 2400 cannot be directly loaded into the iFinder H2O. I also have been told that the other iFinders (e.i.Pro, Pro Map, Hunter, etc.)may have different formats between them. I questioned a Lowrance Rep. at the ice fishing show as to how to accomplish my task and he did not know or if it was possible! I responded, does Lowrance think that a person only buys one unit, never having a need to transfer waypoints to a new unit? Those waypoints are like gold to a fishermen. He reponded that they need more fishermen in the software enginering department. Anyways I'm excited about trying the EasyGPS software. Again thaks to all for the information. Moose,
  10. Thanks for the info.I'll be diffently checking out that GPS Easy web site. Anybody esle tried transfering waypoints between ant lowrance products with the MMC card? Again I appreciate any help, Moose
  11. Posted this in the expert equipment section with no replys, maybe someone here can help? Has anyone been sucessfull down loading wapoints from a Lowrance Golbal Map 2400 to an iFinder H2O using the MMC card? I've spent hours trying to acomplish this task. I've gotton as far as saving the waypoints on to the MMC card off of the 2400 only to have the iFinder say it is an un-recognizable format when loaded into it. I've called Lowrance severaly times and have actually gotton conflicting directions. The latest is to use MapCreate (which i don't own) as a converter (go between). I was even told that this may be a gluich in the software not known to Lowrance. I never anticipated this would be a problem when there both Lowrance using the MMC card. Can anyone help?! Thanks, Moose
  12. I have an agreement with Eagle to have the trailer replaced. I have not involved my dealer as of yet other than to arrange to have the trailers swapped out. The last two notes from Eagle were that they had to check inventory and would let me know and then i hear there shut down with banking problems. They have been coopertive with the problem, just very hard to get quick responses from them.I now understand why. Moose
  13. Thanks for that info. Makes me feel slightly better about the future of the company. Hope things get worked out for them which in turn will progress my warranty issue with them. Moose
  14. Has anyone else hand any contact lately with Eagle Trailers in Mi. I own a 2003 Pro-Fisherman (for a 1750 Crestliner Fishhawk) that needed some warranty coverage. I was having trouble getting prompt or any re-ply at all from their customer service. Now I received a note saying that there production line is shut down and the owner is in negotiations with the bank? This worries me! Does anyone else know more or been experiencing the same? Thanks, Moose
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