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  1. FCspringer

    Looking for New member for our home

    I live by Alex and have a couple litters planned. You can look me up at Blue River Gundogs. We are springer only people here. No more pointers or labs. Had em for years. We train all the time, your welcome here to train your pup and have fun. Get in touch if you like. I can always help you find a nice dog as well. Good luck, Ken
  2. FCspringer

    Grassy Awns Dangerous to Dogs

    Sorry been gone for a while.. No you will not hurt your warm season grasses. OK Now I have done this on my new seeding for 2 years straight. I bought my seed from the largest pure seed producer in the upper MN region. They supply most everyone. Garth worked with me and helped me understand what is really very simple. Your unwanted cold season grasses germinate about 2-2 1/2 weeks before the warm seasons. So getting rid of C rye, brome and others is not hard. First I mowed to 10" to a foot at the first sign of seed heads. Mow twice if you need. Or you can bale it like I did this year. Then in the spring, U will see all the brome grass in the ditches greening up, yard grass etc. It will start to sprout green in your stand. Once you see a few days of good germination, wait about 1,1/2 weeks and kill the heck out of it with good roundup. 3 oz per gallon is a good rate. It will look bleak and dead after a week. But then the green up will start again, with warm seasons. Such as switch, blues, indian, and so on. Now this will kill broad leaf forbes, flowers etc as well. But, when establishing a nice stand with no unwanted colds, don't worry. Because you can buy pure flower seed in many varieties from them as well. And after a few years, when it is a nice clean stand, blend in flowers desired by broad casting them in. This worked very well for me, and I plan 1 more treatment this spring. I will wait 2 weeks this time, now that I have done it I will not worry even if I catch a few warms. My stand came up shoulder high, thick as heck this year. So even if I thin it a bit, no problem. Here it is after the warms came in after spraying this spring. And how it looks now. It will look awesome next year. Then I will put some flowers in, such as black eyed susan, wild sunflowers etc. It was loaded with grass hoppers this year clean, but some flowers is good for more insects like bees and so on. Thistle can be controlled with curtail after the warms grow. Curtail will kill all but grass. I am pretty much thistle and weed free, as well as Rye. I could only find one Rye plant this fall, which was hand killed, and seed plucked. I leave the plant so the roundup works on the root. If you have an ATV sprayer this is very easy. These are pics after spray, re green, and how it looks right now. Ready for last treatment in the spring.
  3. FCspringer

    C9 Performance products

    If your dog is in shape those gimicks dont do a thing. Fresh water and good food is all you need. Unless it is a heat emergency. We train with an animal nutritionist. Dont buy in to all that junk. Been there done that. Waste of your money.
  4. FCspringer

    Upland dog choice

    Grew up with 30 plus years of owning several Labs, German short hairs and some other misfits. For about 20 years now the Field bred English Springer Spaniel has my devotion till death do us part. Just simply cant beat the drive, bird finding, house hold pal, and train-ability for me. The last breath I take from here on out will be with one at my side. Never another again. Period, I love em.
  5. FCspringer

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    BJ, That does not surprise me. You most likely did not read the bill either. Do puppy mills keep an entire litter and only use the best 1 as a future foundation dog??? Health testing??? Absolutely not! Now say this litter is 6 females strong. Are you calling that hall of fame breeder now a puppy mill? Are you the guy who looks all over for a great well bred dog? If you found one in the UK are you going to get in your duck boat and paddle over there? Going to drive from CA to PA to see your pup. I trust the breeders that field trial, and prove dogs against the best. And have no problem having one with a guarantee flown in. Something you don't get from your news paper seller with 1 dog, no health testing, and proven to be the best of nothing... I challenge all breeders of fine dogs to have your clients support AKC and not let people like this obtain one of your dogs..
  6. FCspringer

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    Let me speak slower. Sign, the, petition.
  7. FCspringer

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    Not worried about grammar, just good bird dogs.
  8. FCspringer

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    Another short one. In order to live in CA and buy a dog for your program or hunting. From a dog in PA drive your silly-me off and loose a week of work or go with the news paper dog, LOL I would like the option to get one as said from whom I want when I want where ever I want in order to improve the breed... Don't sign, stand in the road and get run over by the AKC bus, cause it's a commin. Name a field trialer from any breed that agrees to not sign. Might be a clue.
  9. FCspringer

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    Another short one. You can not legislate stupidity!
  10. FCspringer

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    Heres a short one. If you were lost here or one of the other posts by another, most likely, you did not read the whole legislation either.
  11. FCspringer

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    Let me speak English then. Labs/Ken your a wise man. First off it does not state breedable dogs, "intact" don't forget that stupid tactic by anti's right there.... Also it refers to INTERNET sales... God forbid many great reputable breeders have a dang HSOforum, "BIG frickin deal" it is the 20th century... Also it states you will have to have the potential buyer come to your place... What that will affect is any reputable breeder trial campaigner or gun dog buyer, not have the ability to have a future foundation dog or great gun dog from some of the greatest breeding, flown in from one side of the nation to the other or from Canada, the UK or else where. Many like to keep the "British tradition " alive in their breeding programs... I want the choice to buy a pup or dog from whom I want, when I want, where I want... The USDA does not know my dogs better then I do PERIOD... Nor any one Else's. It seems Communism is alive and well in the US if you wish to support this rubbish. More Gov control points to just that. I believe in freedom, and the right to produce the best gun dogs I can. Along with the health testing we do and the 36 month health guarantee, I will now add the stipulation that every pup will have to be pre registered with AKC only. And the prospective new owner will sign this petition while in affect.. Or you will look else where for a dog. I have to choose my family's better it seems. The ones that believe in the American sportsman's right only. We did stick to hunting homes till now, but we feel this does not ask much more. It will be detrimental to the best of the best of every gun dog breed in the US Canada and the UK. Why on Gods green earth would they not let me buy a dog and have it flown in sight not seen from some of the best proven blood lines in the world, to keep the tradition of fine gun dogs alive. You may be a few not supporting AKC, and all great gun dog breeders every where. But lets point the finger back at you. What makes you right over the thousands and thousands and growing signers along with AKC the foundation of all great gun dogs in this Nation... Toss out the breeder that keeps an entire litter to find the best one or two to reproduce great dogs, and sell the rest as hunting / house dogs. I wish to do that from time to time. Do you think for one second a puppy miller will do that? Get real man. I know many great breeders that do. This will be very bad for them and you in the long haul. If a USDA ding bat thinks he knows my dogs better then me sight un seen, he has a big gap of air between his ears and so does any one who would support it, I say again such rubbish. The gun dog hall of fame will no longer be the same I guess if this passes. But you will be able to still buy a puppy from un proven dogs in the news paper from a back yard breeder who thinks he has the best dog on earth.. I ask compared to what???? the last 1 or 2 he owned and bred to his buddy's dog he bred with no real proven ability other then a few hunting trips and no heath testing???. Serious people in these games have a passion for "IMPROVING" the breed. And doing so against hundreds of dogs, not just 1 or 2 you and your buddy have seen in a life time... If I miss spelled any thing I apologize in advance.
  12. FCspringer

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    PS no pups in 2012, your right, I must be a puppy mill. Just a very bad one... This will affect every good breeder on the planet people! Not the puppy mills...... If this bill was in place I would not own the dog I am running in the National 2 years in a row. Cause I would not drive that far to buy one. Think hard before you support or allow such rubbish to pass...
  13. FCspringer

    Do this now or loose your rights! Sign the petition!

    You must be joking! Are you sure you like fine gun dogs? if not don't sign..... It says in tact females if you read... I have one that is 9, not going to be bred any more. One that is 4, had 1 litter, in heat now, not breeding her so she can run fall trials and Nationals since she is qualified. 1, 1 year old in training, that may or may not ever be bred, sold who knows, hips can't be done till 2. I have 2 pups to be here soon to start, all in tact. I run frickin trials. Doge are good at 3-7 years old average. so at 5 and 4 it's time to think ahead or go a few years not running. I am a serious hobby breeder that does all the heath testing needed. I guess in your eyes I am a puppy mill. By all means don't sign and get your pups from news paper un health tested trash from a bunch of mutts. Or just plan adopting puppy mill waste cause thats all that this bill "Won't " Affect... The last 3 females I had as pups were sold because I did not want them for a future foundation dog... Think a puppy miller would do that??? Get a clue...
  14. http://www.akc.org/petition/ Join AKC's fight! Sign it or loose your right to choose a quality dog from responsible breeders around the world! This is a serious deal. Ask a gun dog breeder in WI if you don't believe.