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  1. Carl Bjorgen


    Went out Saturday and Sunday. On the lake by 8am both days. Saturday was windy from the get-go. Tent was just flapping like crazy. Got a couple decent bluegills and one bass about 2 lbs. Left after 2 hours because it was really rough out there. Sunday's weather report was ugly so there was no plan to even go. After shoveling the driveway it seemed the wind wasn't even blowing and it was about 5 degrees. Not too bad. Decided to head out for a couple hours just to get one in. Fishing was slow, couple nice perch and the others kept scattering when some pike and musky cruised through, saw them on them camera. They weren't interested in the little jig and waxie, they were feasting on the perch. It started to get really windy after a couple hours, and that was the cue to pack it up.
  2. Carl Bjorgen

    Drying your portable

    I have a 1-man flip that I use most of the time and don't dry it out. When I use my hub, I just set it up in my non-heated garage with an oscillating floor fan inside, vents and doors cracked. No heat at all and it dries it out just fine.
  3. Carl Bjorgen

    big buddy please learn from me

    I have always been slightly paranoid about these propane heaters, even though I use them regularly. A few years back I had my portable Buddy hooked up to a bigger tank with hose and regulator. After a couple hours, it flashed a big one at the connection between heater and hose. I flipped open the shack instantly, almost like I was ready to have that happen. To conclude, I cut my day short and just went home feeling lucky that no tragedy had occurred. I returned the hose and have only run the 1 pound tanks since. Never had a problem, but am always alert just in case.
  4. Carl Bjorgen

    How cold is too cold (for you?)

    I don't care for single digit temps, and whenever the wind is up, it tends to keep me off the ice. I want to go on New Years day, but the forecast looks unfavorable for me. Probably will just wait until Saturday. That looks like a decent day, at least right now.
  5. Yeah it is tedious, even when you fish fairly shallow. You could probably design some inexpensive reel system with a used line spool, but it would require you to disconnect the camera from the unit every time because it would pull on both ends. I just drilled a couple holes in my plastic base and mounted to a piece of wood big enough not to fall down a 6" hole. It gives you something more substantial to hold onto when you're cranking it up or peeling it off. I lay it in a small plastic box to keep it off the ice. The box is big enough to pull the line up and just lay it in the box when I want to move or get a fish on the line. I can also close the lid so it is all self contained and not a big production when I am in mobile mode. I'd post a picture, but you probably already get the idea.
  6. Carl Bjorgen

    Underwater camera

    I fish out of a 4.5 inch hole most of the time and still never cut a separate hole for the camera and transducer. It can seem tight sometimes, but it doesn't usually cause too much of a problem.
  7. Carl Bjorgen

    Underwater camera

    Got the micro plus last year and really like it. (no AV) Started out just using it for checking out the bottom when moving around, then began leaving it down there for a while to see the fish react to the lure. Now, pretty much keep it on the the entire time. Found that the panning can be a little difficult with the little camera cord, so it's just used as a view from the top, kind of like sight fishing. It seems to go about 7 hours on a charge. Since a camera has become a really important tool for me now, I might someday buy something a little bigger. Might take a while to save up the money for that, but until that day, the micro is working as well or better than expectations.
  8. Carl Bjorgen

    Reel suggestion

    Got the 6925 and the 6935. For the money, you really can't get a better reel.
  9. Carl Bjorgen

    What Do You Do When You're In a RUT !!!

    Last year we had that early spring, by this time I had already been fishing 30-40 times, and they were literally jumping in the boat. This year, same lake, same spot, same lures and presentation; and everything is smaller and less frequent. The late start due to weather has a lot to do with it, but I don't mind so much. It always encourages me to try different spots and different lures and presentations, and it usually results in a learning experience that just adds to the arsenal. Keep on trying new things, you'll eventually get something.
  10. Carl Bjorgen

    no wonder I'm tired

    I really worked at getting my weight down this year. Jet Sled Jr. 6 pounds Igloo Killzone Hub 19 pounds Marcum Flasher 8 pounds Nils Auger 7 pounds Rod/Tackle bag 5 pounds Chair 5 pounds Radio/scoop/lunch/heater 5 pounds When I take my Rover flipover instead it is about the same. I am at about 55 pounds and plan to keep it that way.
  11. Carl Bjorgen

    which hub

    This is a good choice for your needs. It is the lightest hub out there. Pretty much every manufacturer makes a 5x5 that folds down to a 42" length. Some have 300 vs. 600 fabric which will account for the variance in weight. HT's instack is 18 pounds, Shappell's Icehouse 5000 is 19 pounds, etc; I got a Killzone Igloos 5x5 a couple weeks ago for a 100 bucks shipped from their HSOforum. 19 pounds, 600 denier, folds down to 42" and fits into my jet sled jr. They are all sold out for the season so it will cost you more when they are available again. I've had it out 4-5 times already and am very satisfied with the quality and compact size/weight of this hub. 129.99 at Gander for that Tamarack right now. I was going to get that until I saw the 100.00 Killzone deal. I also like the dark color of the Killzone over the baby blue of a Clam. Other than that, I would go the Clam route based on the size and weight.
  12. Carl Bjorgen

    extremely happy with my new Aqua Vu Micro Dvr

    I bought the plus this year. I use it to check the bottom for weeds and structure. I always bring it with me and don't use it more than a few times for maybe 10-15 minutes the entire day, but it serves its purpose. The last time out I was getting these hard pecks but couldn't hook up, so I dropped the camera down and saw a pick pike messing with my jig. I got really excited and started working that jig like crazy. He grabbed it, and I had him for about ten seconds, but he got loose. That was the one time I wish I would have had the DVR version. Good product though.
  13. Carl Bjorgen

    After 9 years of serious ice fishing................

    I've been ice fishing seriously since 2008 and here's what I learned is best for me...at least at this stage of my life: I like to bring as little with me as I can possibly get away with. It makes it easier to set up and pack up. I also am not fond of clutter. I like to move around, and fish almost the same way in the winter as I do in the summer. I go hunting. Then again...sometimes I find a nice spot and don't mind putting the top down, cranking up my heater, turning on the radio, and hanging out for a little while and letting them come to me. I can bring up a 3 pound bass through a four and a half inch hole. It happened last weekend. My first bass ever through the ice. I usually fish with one rod the whole day, and it is a seven dollar cheapy that I got at Walmart. I usually fish with the same jig 90% of the time...yet I love going to the bait store and buying other kinds of jigs. This proves that these lures work, because they can at least catch me. I like taking my three-wheeler with me. It is like having my fishing boat on ice. Winter sometimes moves along too fast.
  14. Carl Bjorgen

    What's your favorite fishing show?

    Bill Dance Lost Lake Lunkerville Midwest Outdoors Due North/Minnesota Bound (same show basically)
  15. Carl Bjorgen

    How things have changed

    I never ice fished as a kid except for a couple times when there was a local contest. It seemed too hard and unpleasant compared to fishing in the boat in nice weather. I started ice fishing about five years ago, so I've always had the portable, the flasher, the heater, the good auger, the ice fishing specific clothing, and decent ice combos. I have learned one though. I take only the bare minimum as often as possible, and discovered that fishing in the summer and winter for me is no different in terms of how I chase them. I need to stay on the move. 75% of the time it is 10 degrees or warmer when I go. With my clothes, I don't need a shelter, or a heater. Sometimes not even my tiny Jet Sled Jr. I bring my Showdown Troller, Aqua Vu Micro, Nils 4.5 hand auger, a rod or two and a small tackle box...and some lunch. It all fits in a bucket and I just sling the auger of my shoulder like I'm marching with a rifle. But yes, aside from being out in the open which was common in the old days, the portable technology, warm clothing, decent rod and reels and everything else makes ice fishing better IMO, because it is possible to be more successful.