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  1. sure would be nice if you were just allowed to post the link up here for us...... not like it's hurting anybody
  2. 1 piece rods are BAD........they're too long and too easy to snap. they get caught on trees during portages, packs get set on them, ect. i always bring a cheap 2 piece, one that you're not too emotionally attached too.
  3. all of a sudden i don't feel so hungry....
  4. looks like i won the bet.....he fit through that hole NO PROBLEM
  5. "i don't know.......maybe it won't be so bad.......that guy seems to be happy enough" "you do realize that we got caught by a guy that has to BUY his big fish at wal-mart"
  6. "who does he think he's impressing? we all no he has implants!" (get it, teeth implants....hahahaha) [This message has been edited by jiggy8974 (edited 01-30-2004).]
  7. i'm not sure i'm buyin that.....seems to be a bit of a strech.
  8. thanks for the tips guys. i got a lot of my information from reading articles written by Gary Clancy in outdoor news. he's from byron and in one article i remember him stating that in this part of the country (SE MN), calling coyotes durning the day is pointless. that's why i've never really tried it. i don't get out nearly as much as i'd like to. being in college and all doesn't allow me as much coyote hunting time as i would like. i've been out a couple times over my winter break, but after this week i think i'm done for the year.....it's too bad too, i never really got a chance at any good sets this year (snow and full moon).
  9. i've been yote huntin for 3 years now and have had little to no luck. i've done my homework and hunt in spots where i no there are coyotes, but i have yet to raise my gun on one. i think the biggest problem i've had is the lack of snow on the ground for night hunting. it doesn't seem like we've had decent snow cover down here for years. so my question is....can yotes be effectivly hunted at sunrise or sunset? i no that calling durning the day is a waste of time, but what about right at dusk or right as the sun starts coming up? so there's just enough light to see with this lack of snow cover. any thoughts?
  10. "It's a hard job! Tip yours guides and tip them well. " HAHAHAHAHAHA....are you jokin me?? it's a hard job?? they're fishin for a livin, i don't consider that to be to tough (just kiddin) i've never taken a guided fishing or hunting trip so i don't no the rules about tipping. actually i'm suprised that a guide would expect a tip.....isn't that what your payin em to do??
  11. sorry protrapper, but i don't agree with you on this one. i've never taken the legs out of any bird. grouse, ducks, pheasant, goose. i just breast em out. that's the way i was taught, and that's how i do it. there's just not enough meat on the legs, especially a grouse leg. they're usually all stringy with tendons too. i also discard my carcasses back into my woods. this way at least they'll be used by something else for food. i don't see the harm in that. it is true that these guys should have thrown the carcasses back further in the woods and not right on the trail, but other then that, i don't think they did anything wrong. don't mean to start anyhting, that's just how i feel
  12. we got stopped by a warden last year at weaver doing that exact thing!! we were using an electric trolling motor on a canoe and were just creeping along fishing. we had our guns uncased and loaded on the floor of the canoe. the warden pulled up and explained that what we were doing was VERY ILLEGAL. even if it's just an electric trolling motor, your gun must be case when it is on. he said that if we were just paddleing we would be fine, but not with a motor going. luckly he was nice enough to let us off with a warning. we ended up just paddleing around the rest of the time and actaully shot a few ducks that day.
  13. just another heads up.....if your using a trolling motor you CANNOT have your gun uncased. even if your in a canoe going down a small river, it's still a no-no. found this out the hard way.
  14. you really do have to be carefull when hunting out of a tree stand. those screw in steps are what will kill ya if you fall. you can survive the fall, but if you catch one of those steps on the inside of your leg and it cuts through that main arteri down there, you'll be dead in 30 min. no joke. that's why i hunt on the ground. it's not worth the risk.
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